Are You Doing Whatever It Takes To Succeed?

This is a great story of doing whatever it takes to succeed. Success is never an accident. It requires commitment and sacrifice. It requires you to go outside your comfort zone. It requires you to do what others are not willing to do. It requires you to do whatever it takes.

My name is Leslee Little and my husband is Timothy Zvonik ( I keep my maiden name) I have been a MLR for one year as of the end of the month and I doing a post about my trip getting to the SUPERCHARGE SUMMIT in Las Vegas from Portsmouth Virginia on a Greyhound bus.

We were suppose to leave at 6:30am Friday, but the bus did not leave till 7:15am so we started 45 min behind already, that cause us to to miss our 1:05 pm bus, got to transfer point to do the next bus (which was to be bus 3 out of 4 to get to Vegas) but we arrived at 1:50pm and the next was not till 6:20pm so now instead of getting to Vegas at 2:45pm Thursday, now it’s 12am Friday, a full 10 hours later than I wanted, and to top it all my hubby was fired from his job two weeks ago and landlord is not renewing our lease on the rental are living in after a year.

Going to the Supercharge Summit as inexpensive as possible, we are able to stay at the Orlean Hotel and Casino right down the road from the summit, because it a little cheaper. We are doing the bus because we could not afford the airfare, but we made sure we are VIP’s to be able to speak with everyone talking at the summit to get advise.

Since we have been not having good luck with our campaigns, we agreed that’s the only way to get our MOBE business of the ground. And every video from Matt and Matt himself say’s, “IF YOU WANT YOU BUSINESS TO GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL, YOU MUST ATTEND THIS SUMMIT AND THE HBS WORKSHOPS IF IT IS CLOSE ENOUGH TO GET TO.”

So that is why we are going as VIP ticket holder’s, getting there the only way we can afford to get there, and staying at a hotel right down the block (walking distance from the summit), so we can learn from the best, get advise, maybe form a mentorship with someone to help us get to the next step, be able to position ourselves as Titanium/Platinum members within 6 to 8 months, and be able to do what Robert Kiyosaki say in the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad book, “GET OUT OF THE RAT RACE AND INTO THE FAST TRACK OF LIFE.”

So that is why we are going to the summit to learn from the masters of MOBE, and as of this post we have been on the bus, 4th transfer bus which is the last transfer till we get to Vegas for 35 hours and still have another 31 more hours to go.

I just hope that the excitement of being in Vegas for the first time, being at a MOBE Supercharge Summit, being able to meet finally Matt and all the people of MOBE, we have talked to in webinars, will be the pick me up to keep us awake after having going threw the ordeal of a Greyhound Bus ride.

Sixty six hours, 4 bus transfers and 12 hours of layovers/rest stops – stretch to get us to it to be able to change our lives to the better. Counting down the minutes till we are there. En route on Greyhound bus #6525.

Leslee Little
Timothy Zvonik


After hearing Leslee and Timothy’s story, I had to pull them on stage during my Supercharge Summit presentation to share their commitment to success. The crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to succeed?

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