Are You Going to the Moscow Affiliate Conference?

When you earn you living on the Internet as an affiliate marketer, you can work from just about anywhere in the world, marketing to potential customers from just about anywhere in the world. You never have to leave your home if you don’t want to and you never have to interact with another human being… but that’s nowhere near the best way to do things.

There is an immeasurable value to meeting people face to face, shaking their hands, and really getting to know one another. And a wicked party probably doesn’t hurt to loosen a few collars too. That’s why you may be interested in the upcoming Moscow Affiliate Conference, scheduled for March 30, 2017. Let us review what you can expect at this event.

What Is the Moscow Affiliate Conference?

There are incredible affiliate summits, masterminds and conferences held all around the globe. However, many people assume that some of the biggest and most important events are only held in the United States. That’s simply not true.

There are really two ways that you can think about the Moscow Affiliate Conference. On the one hand, you can see how this conference can offer a unique perspective or insight into how to market to that part of the world. Russia is closely connected to several Eastern European countries, for example, and many of these regions are emerging as ripe opportunities for affiliate marketing professional.

On the other hand, it’s also very clear that this is an international conference with an international focus. The Internet is a global community, after all, and the Moscow Affiliate Conference aims to attract publishers, affiliate networks, and other industry professionals from all around the world.

In Mother Russia, Money Makes You!

The conference itself is being hosted by Leadbit Group and STM. The former is an international affiliate network that also operates a number of other affiliate networks and related online services. The latter is a premium affiliate marketing forum where the absolute best in the business share their wisdom and knowledge through posts, guides, follow-alongs and case studies.

Even though Moscow Affiliate Conference (MAC) is being hosted by one affiliate network in particular, its scope and vision extend far beyond just Leadbit. In fact, a great number of notable affiliate networks and other relevant companies will be in attendance.

You can take a moment to go through the list of sponsors to get a sense of who to expect. Along with Leadbit, the other diamond sponsor is ClickDealer. Platinum sponsors include YeahMobi, AdsBridge, Digital Raves, and Olymp Trade. If you’ve been working in international affiliate marketing, you may recognize some of these brands.

In addition to the sponsors, a number of companies will also be in attendance, several of which will have a spot in the main exhibition hall or will be available to chat through the general meetup room.

A Full Day of Learning and Networking

If you are familiar with the conference experience, then you’ll already have some sense of what to expect from the Moscow Affiliate Conference. There is the exhibition hall, of course, as well as the meet market where you can swap business cards and shake hands with people who you may have already worked with (or people that you want to work with).

There is also an extensive agenda of speakers who will be presenting from the main stage all day long.

While several of the spots have already been assigned to representatives from specific companies and organizations, the exact subject matter has not yet been finalized. We can see that MGID will talk about international arbitrage, Leadbit will discuss cash-on-delivery offers, Yeahmobi will talk about mobile subscriptions, and so on.

All said, the main agenda includes more than a full eight hours of learning and networking opportunities. It’s up to you how you want to go about your day. In addition to mainstream affiliate networks, there are also discussions related to adult networks and how you can make the most money working with them too.

After the Party, It’s the Afterparty

When in Russia, party like the Russians do! After the main events of the Moscow Affiliate Conference are done, there will be an exclusive afterparty in the evening.

At the afterparty, you can expect a lounge zone, Cuban cigars, free-flowing alcohol and more. Leadbit promises that the party will have the best DJs, as well as sponsor gifts and an award ceremony.

The Price of Admission

Unlike just about every other conference of this kind, you can attend Moscow Affiliate Conference for free as a regular affiliate.

However, it is important to note that attendance is by invitation only. You can scroll to the bottom of the main page to fill out the short form. What you’ll learn after you sign up is that the basic $0 pass as an affiliate does not include access to the afterparty. For that, you’ll need at least the $199 VIP ticket.

If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to network with some of the industry’s top professionals, this just might be the affiliate conference for you.

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