Army of Darkness Contest 2

Do you want join John’s Army of Darkness and spread chaos on the Net to earn profit and glory?

If this sounds like you then our new contests will be perfect for you. From time to time I will post a new task. These tasks will cost you nothing but a bit of your time to complete it.

If you complete the task you will be provided with the chance to win a prize.

This weeks challenge

Subscribe the following people to your YouTube account…

You will only be entered to win if you subscribe to all of them. If you already subscribe to all these people then your already entered.

The winner of the last Army of Darkness Contest has been contacted via Twitter.

This week’s prize is a $99 WP-Vybe WordPress template from Solostream. Good luck to all those that enter and remember…

“Ask not what John Chow can do for you but what you can do for John Chow.”

This post was guest blogged by Gary Jones from BlueFur provides Dedicated Servers in Canada like the one that runs John Chow’s site.