Article Marketing with a Spinning Wizard

Search engine optimization is a multi-faceted endeavor, so you need to explore many different strategies and tactics in order to achieve the best possible results. This involves both on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

One method that you may or may not considered is article marketing. This mimics the process of organic link-building, generating backlinks from around the Internet back to your site using targeted anchor text. The process can be time-consuming and complex if you do it on your own, so that’s why there are services that can help do this for you.

One such service is Unique Article Wizard, which serves as the subject of today’s review. How is UAW different from other article marketing services? Let’s find out.

Not Really a Magic Wand

Rather than going after individual siteowners, hoping that they’ll publish your article (and thus provide you with a little link juice), you can use Unique Article Wizard to automate the process.

In short, you submit three different versions of basically the same article and these are then distributed among the UAW network. This independent network of over 20,000 article directories and blogs uses an “opt-in” mechanism. UAW doesn’t actually own any of these sites.

This can have several advantages. It means that your article is better distributed all across the Internet, instead of just within sites owned by UAW. By doing so, the links look much more “natural” to Google than if they all appeared on the same server.

Really More Than Three Versions

While you could submit three articles that are basically paraphrased versions of one another, you can go even further by adding in the ability to spin at the paragraph, sentence, phrase, and word level.

When you use Unique Article Wizard, you can use a syntax like {car|vehicle|automobile} and the generated article will select one of the three words at random. Use enough of these and you can have many more than “just” three versions of the article.

The full team of human reviewers help to get your article accepted at the most places possible. You’ve probably seen some bot-generated content that is basically gibberish. UAW doesn’t do that.

Your Choice Of User Interface

Unique Article Wizard offers you four different ways to set up your article projects and to submit them to the network of directories and blogs. The default option is the Easy Wizard, which is accompanied by video tutorials all along the way. Alternatively, you can choose the Easy One Step, Step-By-Step Wizard, or One-Step Wizard.

They all effectively do the same thing, but after you get used to how the system works, you’ll probably stick to the One-Step Wizard shown above. This gives you access to all the fields, like the author byline and resource box, on a single page.

Closer to the bottom of that page, you can select your preferred category (for posting), when you would like the article sent out, and whether you would like to “throttle” their release. Bombarding the Internet with (almost) the same article all at the same time can raise some flags with search engines.

Getting the Article Written

You could write these articles yourself, but it is probably more efficient to outsource them at a reduced rate. Unique Article Wizard works closely with My Article Express specifically for this purpose.

In fact, you’ll see that they have special pricing set up for Unique Article Wizard article sets, providing three unique articles based on one keyword or keyword phrase.

How Much Does It Cost?

In addition to the cost of getting the articles written by My Article Express (about $10-$15 per batch of three), you’ll need to subscribe to the Unique Article Wizard service to access its utility and its network of over 20,000 sites.

I wouldn’t suggest relying solely on article marketing for your SEO efforts, but it could prove to be an affordable way to get quality backlinks around the web. The subscription price is $67 per month and this can be facilitated through PayPal.