At My Parents’ Place

I am at my parents’ place today because I’m trying to get Sally to get used to staying with them. When we went for Dine Out Vancouver at Le Gavroche last Friday, we left Sally with my parents and she cried the entire time we were gone.

Sally has seen my parents many times but I guess not enough to be really comfortable with them. Therefore, we have decided to spend at least one day a week at my parents’ and have my parents come to my house at least once a week.

The reason I need to do this is because I’m planning a one month long Asia trip in June that will take Sarah and I to Taiwan, China and Japan. I need someone to take care of Sally while we’re away and my parents are the obvious choice. This mean getting my parents’ faces in front sally as much as possible. It also means getting her used to a new house and environment.

I hope that by the time June rolls around, Sally will be able to stay with my parents without wondering where her parents are. I may get a life size cutout of myself and set it up in the living room. However, I’m sure after a few days, Sally will wonder how come daddy hasn’t moved.