August Contest Winners

Congrats to all the following people who won prizes from the contests that were held in August. I had so many contests running that it was hard to keep up with all of them.

Market Leverage Affiliate Challenge

Congrats to publisher CD9954 for winning the Market Leverage Affiliate Challenge. Publisher CD9954 generated the most income in August using Market Leverage offers. The winner will be getting a new Apple iPod Touch, $200 Amex Rewards card and a 2GB Market Leverage USB pen.

Market Leverage Flip Mino Winner

During August, anyone who blogged about the Market Leverage Challenge and sent a trackback received an entry to win a Market Leverage Flip Mino. I took all the trackbacks received, put them into a hat (well, a box) and had Sally pulled out a winner. And that winner is Bob Buskirk, whose winning entry can be found here.

A big thanks goes to Market Leverage for sponsoring these contests. If you haven’t sign up for Market Leverage, then you should do so now. The worst thing that can happen is you make money.

Slingbox PRO Winner

I had a contest for anyone signing up to the Blog Mastermind Program in August. The winner would receive a $300 Slingbox PRO that will allow them to watch TV from anywhere in the world.

Slingbox PRO

Congrats goes out to Blog Mastermind student Joe Manausa. Not only will Joe learn the step by step to making big money from blogging, but he also received a free $500 review plus the $300 Slingbox. He’s already in the black!

Winner of The Blog Mastermind Course

I asked readers to help me promote the Blog Mastermind contest by blogging about it. Those who did were entered into a contest to win a full $497 Blog Mastermind course. I’ve just finished all the materials in the course and I have to say this is the most complete blogging course on the Net. The winner of the Blog Mastermind course is Buzzing Wires. Congrats Buzz! I expect to see your blog making six figures real soon.

Thanks to everyone who enter our August contests. Look for more contests and giveaways this month.