Aussies Churning Out Affiliate Commissions at the Factory

When you’re looking to make some money from affiliate marketing, signing up for individual affiliate programs can be a very time-consuming process. It also means that you have earnings scattered throughout the web, making it even more difficult to manage. That’s why affiliate networks are so useful, except there are so many of those too.

Throwing its name into the arena is a new affiliate network called Commission Factory. It might seem like just another option, but for our friends down under, they’ll be proud to hear that this network is based in Australia. As we go through this review, we’ll see what other features they have to offer and whether you should sign up for an account.

A Factory That Produces Commissions

That sounds awfully nice, doesn’t it? An assembly line for sending money in your direction? Of course, you’ll have to put in some effort, but Commission Factory is designed to help you make as much money as possible.

From the affiliate’s perspective, Commission Factory has several appealing components. For starters, all the payments are processed by PayPal. This means that there is no delay in waiting for a check in the mail or anything like that, since payments are instant. They also issue the commission payments on a weekly basis, assuming you meet the $100 threshold. No more waiting a whole month or more to get your money.

Interestingly, Commission Factory also offers the “industry first cookie-less tracking.” I’m not entirely sure how that works and how that’s an advantage, but it’s interesting to know either way. You also get live stats, affiliate prizes, data feeds, coupons, and other useful tools.

The Affiliate Dashboard

Logging into your account, you are presented with a clean dashboard interface.

The main navigation looks similar to WordPress in many ways, offering the main section in the left sidebar with drop-down menus for sub-sections. For instance, under “Creatives & Feeds” you’ll find links for banners, data feeds, video content, coupon codes, deep links, and image libraries.

Looking at the banners as an example, you’ll find that they are organized by size rather than my the affiliate offer. This is a pro and a con, I suppose, depending on your perspective. One drawback is that they do not display the offer details in this section. You need to go back and find the offer under “Merchants” to do that.

Where Are the Offers?

Speaking of merchants, there aren’t too many of them right now. I guess this is understandable, since Commission Factory is relatively young, but it could make it a little more difficult for you to capitalize on these opportunities.

Browsing through the merchants today, I found only 11 offers available. They cover several niches, to be sure, but 11 merchants simply isn’t enough. Clicking on the magnifying glass next to any offer brings up its details; I would have liked if some of the basics, like the commission rate, were visible without having to click through like this.

The lightbox-based interface can also be a little slow at times, which makes the experience even more frustrating. I’ll cut Commission Factory some slack since they’re still going through growing pains, but these kinds of issues need to be resolved. On the bright side, the layout for the program description is visually appealing and relatively easy to skim.

Should You Sign Up?

Commission Factory was designed by people who wanted to take all the best parts of their respective affiliate experiences and combine them into an optimal network. For an affiliate, the weekly payouts and accurate tracking are a plus. For an advertiser, having a robust iOS app comes in handy too.