Aweber Sent Me The Strangest Gift To Date

It’s no secret that I like Aweber Communications. I’ve talked about them quite a few times on this blog and recommended them during my Super-Panel at Blog World Expo. During that panel, I said that giving a choice between building my RSS list or building a mailing list, I would choose the mailing list every time and that Awber is the best service to use.

The mailing list’s advantage over RSS is you can use it to promote things that are not part of your blog while RSS only sends out your recent blog posts. Another important factor is many people still do not know what RSS is but they understand what a newsletter mailing list is. Fortunately, Aweber gives you the best of both worlds.

With its Blog Broadcast service, Aweber can take your RSS feed and instantly turn it into a ready to mail newsletter. Aweber also reports your subscription count to FeedBurner so having readers signed up to your newsletter also increases your feed counter. Aweber accounts for 1/3 of my RSS readership.

It seems all my recommendations of Aweber got the attention of their Education Marketing Manger, Justin Premick. When I got home from Blog World, I found this gift in the mail.

Yes, Aweber sent me a pair of socks. They’re not just any socks, they’re Aweber socks! I must admit, it’s pretty unique and I’m sure when Justin sent it he was thinking, “Maybe John will blog about it!” Smart move Justin. Creativity like this is why I use Aweber and why you should too.