Better A Financial Crisis Than A War Crisis

There is not much that is good on mainstream media about the economy but it is important to remember a few truths about what is important in life.

The crumbling economy has affected a few of us severely, most of us moderately and some of us not at all. In any case, you will all agree that a financial crisis is a much more lighter challenge than war. Some will suggest that a poor economy will lead to war but I don’t agree and I will leave that for you to ponder.

Imagine foreign soldiers under sovereign orders roaming your neighbourhood or war planes flying over the skies and dropping bombs at night. Imagine your family member or worse, your child, taken away from you at gunpoint with you standing there helpless. These gut wrenching scenarios were common only 65 years ago, simply ask your grandparents, and still exists in pockets around the world today.

So ask yourself this, “Is losing your home or being in debt because of a poor investment decision really that bad?”. Most of the world is still functioning, in the short time it has, as a civilized place that provides you with the gift to live in peace and the opportunity to indulge in materialistic goods.

Much better is a financial problem than a health or relationship problem. You can lose all your belongings and be in debt today and still become a millionaire tomorrow. If you lose your health or a loved one, there is little within your power. So think about it, set your priorities right and enjoy life by narrating the story book we call life.

This post was guest blogged by Alex.