Better Internet Marketing Tools from Wishpond

As good as a tool, service, utility or resource may be, there is always room for improvement. You might remember when we took at Wishpond last year and noted how it provides you with all of your online marketing needs. Since then, some new features and tweaks have been introduced. For today’s review of Wishpond, we’ll be taking a look at three such changes in particular: the landing page editor, the marketing automation, and the new pricing plan.

Landing Page Editor

One of the more important features that has always been a part of the Wishpond package has been the landing page builder. That has now been redesigned to offer more flexibility and greater control over how your landing pages look and perform.


As before, you can choose from a great variety of different templates to get started. They’re already well laid out and optimized for conversion, putting in the key elements that you’d want to have on your landing page anyway. They typically put the sign-up or registration form front and center, placing images and text accordingly.


When you get into the landing page editor itself, you’ll once again find that you don’t need to have the technical expertise and know-how to fumble your way through complex code. It’s all WYSIWYG, giving you a live preview of exactly what the page will look like.

What’s nice is when you go to edit any of the elements, you are shown its exact pixel dimensions. The guidelines indicate how the parts align with one another too. Just click and drag the sections and content you need, editing them as you see fit.

Full Marketing Automation

Using the right tools the right way can save you a lot of time and that’s the fundamental thinking behind the new marketing automation tool from Wishpond.


Basically, what you’re able to do here is set up a pre-defined funnel or process through which your leads can flow. You decide on the condition or conditions, and when they are met, the actions you define are automatically triggered. The conditions can be modified with “and” or “or” options too.

The point is that you can build, nurture and engage your leads in an organic-looking and fully automated way. For example, if someone views a particular page or signs up for your mailing list, you can automatically send them your welcome email after exactly 12 hours. This process can continue with as many steps as you’d like.

Additional attributes can also be added to leads here, like their country of residence or the point value you’d like to assign to a particular lead. These lead properties can also be used as conditions, so only leads who meet certain criteria will then be sent through a particular workflow.

Because you can set up as many of these workflows as you’d like and you can save as many products and emails as you want, it’s possible to provide your leads (and customers) with what really feels like a personalized experience. That really helps to develop the relationship and bolsters your long-term earning potential.

Use Wishpond for Free

When we reviewed Wishpond last year, the online service was only available for paid customers. That has now changed too, because there is a new free option added to the list of pricing plans on the site.


The new Free Forever plan is not a free trial; it really is “free forever.” Naturally, there are a few restrictions here. You can only manage up to 200 leads. However, you still get access to the landing page creator, the leads database, marketing automation, and live chat support.

When you outgrow the Free Forever plan, you can choose to upgrade to one of the other plans, all of which come with a 14-day free trial. These start as low as $44/month for the Basic Plan for up to 1000 leads and support for A/B testing, as well as access to integrations and contests. If you bill yearly, you get 36% off.

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