Better Team Management with TeamWox Software

Working as a one-man show can only get you so far. If you have any ambitions to grow your company, there’s a significant chance that you’ll also want to grow your team beyond just you. This could be in the form of conventional employees or you might have outsourced some of your tasks to various freelancers and other service providers around the world.

That opens another can of worms. How are you going to manage all of your team members? Well, you might want to think about TeamWox Groupware, the multi-faceted system that is the focus of today’s review. Need a way to organize everything to do with your business? This could be it.

Online Team Collaboration Software

Collaborating with team members around the world can be a challenge, so that’s why you need an Internet-connected solution where everyone can dial in and participate.

And that’s the crux of this team collaboration software. While there are some other solutions out there that only work with one specific aspect of running a business, TeamWox aims to approach several areas.

As you can see above, TeamWox has modules for human resources, documents management, contacts, reports, accounting, and more. There are currently eleven modules in all, helping to optimize the “management and production process in a company.”

This Reminds Me of Basecamp

To be fair, I don’t think Basecamp offers quite as many modules and quite as much functionality as TeamWox. That said, the basic layout of at least the Tasks section looks somewhat familiar.

You can give TeamWox a look for yourself via the live demo. Just switch over to the Tasks tab to see what you see in the screenshot above. The good thing is that the tasks can be easily categorized, letting you know very easily what’s assigned to whom (and what you personally need to do).

Each task can effectively serve as its own discussion thread, so all the team members involve can communicate with one another should there be any concerns or questions. Each comment posted can be formatted with bold text, inserted images, hyperlinks, and so on.

Organizing the Team

Rather than have a large, unorganized list of your team members, TeamWox lets you organize them into departments or groups. This makes it much easier for you to get a grasp of who is responsible for what. Have a hard time attaching a name to a face? They help you with that too.

You could say that this almost adds a social network aspect to the TeamWox infrastructure, since everyone gets a profile picture. Even so, this basic configuration can be very useful, as can the ability to see the hierarchy and working time at a glance. There’s even the option to sort based on birthdays or hide the employees who are currently offline.

For each team member, there is a profile page with position, department, location, e-mail, chat usernames, mailing address, and other pertinent info. As the company owner, you also have access to that team member’s payment history, social relation, activity, and more.

And remember that the Team and Tasks sections are just two modules as part of this larger collaboration package. There’s also the service desk (for support tickets), document management, e-mail management, company calendar(s), and communal contact list, just to name a few.

How Much Does It Cost?

Given how much this software package can do and how it is geared toward the enterprise-level user, it should come as little surprise that it’s not exactly the cheapest thing in the world either.

There are multiple licensing options. The standard version allows a set number of users and you host the solution yourself. For a team of 25 users, that has an annual subscription cost of $3,400. The same annual subscription for the SaaS version is $4,500, though you can opt for a two-month free trial of that.

Alternatively, if you have a relatively small team, the free version could be worth a try. There is a limit of 10 users, but you get an unlimited subscription to all the features and system updates, as well as technical support through the public forum.