Blast From The Past

I’ve been blogging for over a year now. However, most of the current readership has discovered this blog only in the recent months. While some readers have gone and read every single posts I have ever written, most are just keeping up with my current ramblings. I understand it can be a daunting task to read 700 blog posts so I thought I would point out some of my older works, which you may find interesting.

I hope that this will get more people to explore the archives. If this goes over well, I will post more “blast from the past” in future posts. Please let me know if you would like that.

How Not To Get Rich On The Internet – This was a post I made way back in December, 2005. I was invited to an “Internet Marketing Workshop” to give my opinion on what they taught.

Paying To Cook My Own Dinner – This was my very first food post. As you will see, my food postings have improved a lot since then.

The Wynn Garden Villa – If you thought my suite at the MGM Skylofts was big, check out the Villa at Wynn Las Vegas. I would love to book it for next year’s TTZ CES party.

An Inside Look At TTZ – I took some photos of the data center that housed the TTZ web servers. The photos of the servers are out of date because we’ve added more servers since then.

So You Want To Be A Google Whore? – This was my first big article and pretty much set the tone for the future direction of the blog. In this post, I explain “If You Build It They Will Not Come” and show the key to getting traffic.

Video Blast From The Past

This video, taken back in August 2006, has helped to reaffirm my status as the root of all evil. If you’re a bee lover, please don’t want the video.