Blogging Up A Storm With BlogStorm


As you all know, I’m am currently not ranked number one on Google for my name. This has raised a bunch of questions, with the main one being where did I go? As a matter of fact, if you do a Google search for my name, you’ll see a Google sponsored ad asking that very question. I reproduced the ad on the left. Feel free to click on it. It’s a screen shot and not a real Google ad.

The ad was placed by a UK blog call BlogStorm. I must admit, that was pretty creative marketing on their part. However, the funky Google ad was just beginning. In order to extend their reach even more, BlogStorm saw fit to order up this ReviewMe review as well. Some may view this as adding insult to injury. I’m calling it smart marketing.

Who Is BlogStorm

BlogStorm is the creation of Patrick Altoft, an internet marketing consultant & full time blogger from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

BlogStorm teaches blogger how to make money online (where have I heard that one before?). Their Google ad seem to claim they know a lot more about linkbaiting than me and points to a really cool beginner’s guide to linkbait article. I really like the idea of suing somebody as linkbait. Being as evil as I am, you would think that I would have come up with that one.

A Mover And A Shaker

Patrick sent along this note with his review request.

We have launched a new blog helping webmasters build traffic and earn more money. Today is the start of a new series about affiliate marketing. The blog is two weeks old and has already make number five on Alexa Movers & Shakers and Time magazine. You can find all our posts at:

I did a check of Alexa and BlogStorm is not longer on the Movers & Shakers list. However, getting on the list is a pretty high achievement. Add in the fact that Patrick did it within the first two weeks of the blog’s life and it’s pretty amazing. BlogStorm offered some extremely compelling content and one nice piece of linkbait (more on that in a bit) to drive all that moving and shaking traffic. Besides their linkbait article, some of the other must-reads include:

30,000 Visitors In The First Week

BlogStorm was launched on June 7th and managed to pull down 30000 visitors in its first week. However, that traffic didn’t came because of the blog. Patrick created a cool tool call the BlogStorm Tracker that received a lot of positive press and links from other blogs.

The BlogStorm Tracker allows you to track the number of websites linking to your blog posts or news articles. BlogStorm monitors your RSS feed daily and offer free statistics so you can see which of your posts are the most popular and how you can improve. Anyone is allow to add their site for free.

Patrick used the BlogStorm Tracker as his linkbait. As you can see, he achieved great results with it.

Built Traffic First, Then Make Money Online

For a blog that shows readers how to make money on the Internet, BlogStorm hasn’t done much to make any money themselves. With the exception of four ad buttons on the upper right side of the blog, BlogStorm features zero advertising. You won’t even see a Google ad. It’s pretty obvious that Patrick is trying to build traffic before monetizing the blog. A very good strategy in my opinion.

BlogStorm offers a full feed RSS. Their blog is updated two to three times per day so I highly recommend subscribing to it. You can also subscribe to BlogStorm by Email.

Now, if BlogStorm would only accept Google AdSense advertising, I can send them a “John Chow is over here!” Google ad. 😈