Blogs and Sales Pages with Authority Pro WordPress Theme

WordPress is an incredibly powerful content management system that can be used as the framework for a wild assortment of websites. We’ve seen it used for blogs like John Chow dot Com and Beyond the Rhetoric. We’ve seen it power wikis and e-commerce sites. But what about something for all the Internet marketers in the audience?

It certainly isn’t alone in this realm, but the Authority Pro WordPress theme aims to be the WordPress theme engine for people who want to use it for Internet marketing. As we make our way through today’s review, we’ll take a look at some of the features that Authority Pro offers and how it is more than “just” another WordPress theme.

A WordPress Theme for Internet Marketing Pros

We start with the basics. Authority Pro, at its core, can be used to build and power high quality optimized SEO blogs. Have a look at the demo site for a general sense of how it looks, bearing in mind that the demo does not utilize all the features available in this theme.

As you can quite plainly see, the Authority Pro theme is clean but very functional. There are widgets for popular and latest posts, 125×125 ad placements, featured content with a jQuery slider, and so forth. Behind that, you’ll find a slew of SEO features, including many advanced SEO options. Additional “SEO boosters” are also built into this framework.

All of these are accessed through the custom WordPress admin area, which we’ll discuss a little later on. According to its developers, the framework of Authority Pro was designed with SEO in mind. The lightweight code offers easy customization and a high level of flexibility. The inclusion of 13 custom AP widgets helps too.

Beyond Blogging to Sales and Squeeze Pages

Blogging is one thing, but we have to remember that Authority Pro is catering to the marketing end of the equation first and foremost. That’s why built into the theme are utilities for creating your own custom sales pages and squeeze pages.

The sales page for Authority Pro is itself powered by Authority Pro. Creating new sales and squeeze pages is just the same as creating a new blog post, since a button is added to the main navigation within the dashboard to create these types of pages. If you go to the demo site and look to the Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages sections toward the top, you can preview several of the included templates too.

These aren’t any old sales and squeeze pages, however. Once again, no coding knowledge is needed, as everything is done through a simplified interface. There are shortcode functions for such elements as sales bullets, testimonial boxes, product module boxes, multiple product order form tables, opt-in forms, and so on. Squeeze pages using these templates, according to the developers, have seen consistent conversion rates of 40-50%. These figures are based on their own last five product launches.

Custom Settings, Theme, Tools, and Resources

The WordPress dashboard will be pretty familiar to most of the bloggers in the audience, but Authority Pro expands on it to provide its own set of custom settings and tools.

The main dashboard is still there, but you’ll notice a few extra options along the left column, as well as the four main sub-sections toward the top: settings, theme, tools, and resources. Under each of these are pulldown menus for further sub-sections, like changing your SEO settings, adjusting your content settings, accessing the AP custom widgets, and so on.

It will take you some time to make it through all of the various sections and sub-sections, but the actual setting changes and adjustments are easy enough to understand, especially if you’re already familiar with some basic WordPress fundamentals.

The Exclusive Members Area

In addition to the theme, sales pages, and custom dashboard, Authority Pro also comes with an exclusive members area.

Here, you’ll find a range of support and training, including the iTrain video feature. Here, you’ll find a training video for nearly every feature found in Authority Pro. You’ll also find supplementary resources, like marketing tools (keyword search, backlink analyzer, etc.), AP webinars, and AP case studies.

How Much Does It Cost?

While other premium WordPress themes offer multiple licenses based on how you are going to use them, Authority Pro is much simpler. There is just one license and it allows for use on unlimited sites. The “regular” price is $197, but Authority Pro 2.0 and its associated lifetime membership are currently available for $97.