BlueFur Monster Blog Hosting Deal

When BlueFur offered to sponsored TTZ Media’s affiliate contest they set up a special hosting deal to go with it. I didn’t pay much attention to the deal until now. Holy Crap! It’s a great deal!

1 Year Blog Hosting for only $10

For those looking for a reason to leave or any other free hosting service, this plan is for you. For only $10, BlueFur will set you up with your own WordPress blog plus help install any Plugin-ins you need and host it for one full year.

You want to start a blog but web hosts seem to make it so difficult to install the software, make your own theme, add plug-ins and upgrade it without loosing all your posts. These are very legitimate concerns and our managed blog hosting addresses all of them. Our managed blog hosting may cost a bit more then our standard hosting but the ‘services’ you are provided with quickly make it worth it. Right from the start your account will be setup with the latest version of WordPress. We will help you with adding the plug-ins to your blog that you want and co-ordinate with you when new upgrades come out. For new customers that sign-up in December take advantage of our Holiday Managed Blog Hosting Blow-Out.

This deal is limited to the first 200 people who order. After that it goes back to its normal price of $14.95 per month. On top of all this, you will get five entries into the TTZ Media contest. If I didn’t have nine servers with BlueFur, I would order this plan myself! Seriously, if you’re on a free service like, you need to get off. You will never be a serious money making blog on a free service. You also can’t apply to TTZ Media with a free site.

Because the price is so low, the JohnChowRocks coupon code does not work for this deal. $10 for one full year of blog webhosting. If you can’t make that back in a year, then you should stay on Blogspot!

BlueFur Monster Blog Hosting Deal