Bob Proctor Offers the Secret Six Minutes to Success

Do you know the key to success? Do you know the best way to bring greater happiness into you life? Well, it seems like Bob Proctor does and he wants to share this information with you.

His name may already be familiar with many of you, but if it isn’t, you’ll learn a little more about Proctor and his latest program over the course of this review. Don’t have a lot of time on your hands? Bob Proctor says that he can transform your life in just six minutes a day.

Who Is Bob Proctor?

For those of you who are not as familiar, Bob Proctor is one of the people behind The Secret, the popular book that was later made into a 2006 movie by Prime Time Productions. In it, we learn more about the power of attraction and positive thinking.

Continuing along this train of thought, Bob Proctor is now prepared to offer a new product that he calls Six Minutes to Success. From what I can see, the launch is set for April 4, but you have the chance for an early bird preview.

Get Three Free Preview Videos

The idea behind Bob Proctor’s new program is that he will provide you with daily instruction on how you can achieve personal growth and transform your life for the better. This is done through a series of six minute videos, hence the name of the program.

If you sign up for the early bird list, which closes in just a couple of days, you will be granted access to three sample videos of six minutes each. This gives you a sense of what to expect when the actual product launches.

The video embedded in the preview page appears to a Skype video call and I personally found the pacing (and information) to be quite slow. However, that’s not to say the mailing list isn’t valuable. Six Minutes to Success, in many ways, can be seen as a great supplement and follow-up to The Secret.

The Bonuses for Signing Up Today

People who were interested and had a lot to gain from the Secret will likely enjoy and find value in Six Minutes to Success as well. Beyond the actual product itself, you also gain access to some free bonuses.

After watching the main video, you can sign up for the program and be provided with the bonus offers.

First, Bob is hosting the Six Minute Summit in Los Angeles this fall and those who maintain their program memberships until September will be given a free ticket to attend. While there, you can meet Proctor in person.

Second, Frank Kern will also be at the Summit as a guest speaker. Kern is known to charge as much as $10,000 for his speaking sessions, so this can be a valuable free bonus.

Third, Proctor will soon be retiring. His final seminar, the Matrixx Seminar, will cost $18,000 per seat to attend, but Six Minute to Success members will be given a free recording after the event.

How Much Does Success Cost?

With Six Minutes to Success, you get daily six-minute videos from Bob Proctor that are designed to change your life for the better. Along with the videos, you get a workbook to write down your commitments, goals, and progress. So, how much does this cost?

For an unspecified length of time, you can gain access to the daily Six Minute videos for just $1. That’s the price for the first month and, if you are not satisfied with what you get, you can cancel and get your buck back. If you do like what you see, your subscription will continue at the regular price. From what I can see, the regular monthly charge is in the $90 range.