Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

There are all kinds of things that you can buy online. By extension, there are also all sorts of places where you can buy said things. Usually, the onus is on you to shop around and find the best deal, but sometimes you can find services that do this on your behalf.

While you could certainly use some of the available services to shop for custom logos or cheaper web hosting, neither of those is the focus of this review. Instead, Players Bay is marketed as “the first ever deposit auction site.” Need a deposit somewhere? Let them bid for your business.

Do You Want to Play a Game?

It wouldn’t exactly be fair to say that Players Bay is a gambling site, because you don’t actually go here to wager on sports or play some poker. Instead, the idea is that players can start an auction and the various gaming sites can bid on this customer’s business.

Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

In some ways, you could say that this turns the auction paradigm on its head. When you go to buy something on eBay, the seller posts his item and then buyers can bid to buy it. With this online marketplace, it’s the players (“buyers”) who posts their intent and the various gaming sites (“sellers”) place their bids in the form of bonuses.

For example, after you register for an account, you can put up a post saying that you want to deposit $100 at a video poker site. The different online casinos can then “bid” on your post, perhaps offering a 25% deposit bonus. If accepted, you’d get $125 at that site instead of just $100.

Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

Interestingly, you’re not necessarily competing against the other players who are using the Players Bay marketplace. Using the above example, the same video poker site can give the same 25% bonus offer to two or more players.

Will Poker Stars Care Enough to Get You?

Perhaps the single biggest hurdle that you may encounter as a user of Players Bay is that the onus is now placed on these websites to bid on your deposit. How likely do you think that big sites like Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker will take the time to seek out an individual $50 deposit from a single user?

As a result, I’m thinking that most of the “winning bids” will come from smaller sites. It’s up to you whether you still think they are worthwhile and whether they “deserve” your gambling deposit.

Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

How this will translate for other types of sites that Players Bay supports remains to be seen. In addition to poker, you can also use Players Bay for blackjack, horse racing, bingo, mahjong, and even forex.

And the Bonus Link for You

Using what appears to be forum software, Players Bay also has a link directory. You can freely submit the link to your website and, hopefully, gain a little bit of free traffic as a result.

Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

The system does seem to be a little buggy, however. The first few times that I tried to submit my link, it said that I was entering the Captcha phrase incorrectly. When I went back to check, I see that my link appears twice. It’s debatable how much value this link directory will offer to Players Bay users, but it doesn’t cost you anything to try.

Make Money with Players Bay Affiliate Program

I’m not completely convinced that the “deposit auction” concept behind Players Bay will be terribly successful, largely because I doubt the larger gambling sites will bother bidding on a series of small, single deposits.

If you think that it could be popular, you can try your hand at their 1affiliate program. It offers a 100% commission rate, based on the payout from the casino operator.