Boost Your Google Ranking with Crowd Search Technology

Sure, it is certainly important to build up your social media following or your mailing list. You want to have your avid supporters, fans and online cheerleaders. At the same time, it is undeniable that one of the most important and one of the largest sources of traffic will always be search engines.

Ranking for your target keywords in Google can really improve your chances of success… but how do you get to the top of the Google’s search results? Leveraging one of the most important ranking factors today is a service called, which we will be highlighting in today’s review. It’s an automated tool that uses thousands of real people.

Tapping into CTR and Dwell Time

Let’s take a quick step back into the purpose of a search engine in the first place. Let’s say Mary is shopping for a new camera. She goes into Google and searches for “best digital camera.” She clicks on the 5th website on the results page and hangs around that website for a period of time reading the information. Chances are that website fulfilled her needs. Now imagine if thousands of people did exactly the same thing.

Google now has “proof” that this website is relevant and useful, so it bumps that website higher up in the rankings. At its core, this is the paradigm that CrowdSearch.Me is leveraging.


With an “army” of thousands of real people across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, deploys this army onto Google to perform exactly the procedure described above. You define the search term, you tell them which website is yours, and you tell them how long to stick around.

This satisfies the two key ingredients in Google’s biggest ranking factor. The users clicking on your website (instead of the others on the SERP) are increasing your click-thru rate (CTR) and they’re not bouncing right back to the search engine (dwell time), indicating that your content is valuable and relevant. Your bounce rate gets lower too.

The Campaign Basics

The web-based system of means that you don’t have to install any software on your computer; you handle everything through a web browser and it is 100% automated. The CrowdSearch army of 200,000+ have specialized software installed on their computers; this is used to direct them to the right search engine, enter the right keywords, click on the right results, and maintain the right dwell time.

It’s important to note that the keywords and websites actually remain private, so you don’t have to worry about those 200,000+ stealing your keyword information.


Setting up the campaign is designed to be “push button simple.” All you need to provide is your URL, the keyword, and which version of Google you’d like to target. As you know, the search results for, and are different, and you’ll want to target them individually.

Once you launch your campaign, the Crowdsearch army immediately gets to work. An advanced algorithm called SmartRank technology intelligently monitors your position in Google and the overall search volume for the keyword term. It then adjusts the number of searches and length of dwell time to optimize your ranking improvement. You don’t need to lift a finger.

And because uses real people, the resulting CTR and dwell time aren’t going to be marked as automated bots. It’s “real” traffic in the eyes of Google.

But Does It Actually Work?

Of course, individual results are going to vary. That being said, a number of case studies have been shared to demonstrate the success of this product and service.


An active member of WarriorForum posted the above after using for one of his websites. The site “jumped from 54 to 8 in a very short amount of time.” He says it happened “practically overnight” with “no other SEO activity” for a couple of months. Package Pricing

The number of customers being accepted into is limited, but they have opened up private access for readers of John Chow dot Com. Pricing is based on a credit system with three packages available.


Each time one user performs a single Google search and clicks on your website, that counts as one credit. Each minute of dwell time the user spends on your site is another credit. So, if one member of the army visits your site and stays for 5 minutes, that’d cost you 6 credits. You have to remember that this is all automated and the number of searches (and length of dwell time) is both optimized and randomized.

You can get started with for $47, netting you 5,000 credits ($0.01/credit). Opt for the larger $97 or $197 packages to lower your per-credit cost to $0.008 and $0.007, respectively.