Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

They say that knowledge is power, but it’s important that you focus on the knowledge that is both accurate and useful. There are countless people on the Internet who claim they can teach you how to make money quickly, trying to sell you on a variety of “get rich quick” schemes, but the fact of the matter is that it will take you some time and you need to learn through experience. That said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand along the way.

To supplement the tips and tactics that you may learn here on John Chow dot Com, you may want to check out the blog of Keller Hawthorne, a young entrepreneur who has managed to enjoy a fair bit of success herself. Through this review of Fresh eVenture, we will learn what she has to offer and if the help that she provides really is worth your while.

What is the Deal with Fresh eVenture?

In short, Fresh eVenture is an Internet business blog that aims to guide you through the process of starting, growing and expanding your online business. This can take on a variety of different forms, including how to sell ad space on a website or how to use automated software to help your small business.

Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

Whether you are interested in affiliate marketing or blogging, search engine optimization or web design, Fresh eVenture is supposed to approach just about every aspect of starting and growing a successful online business.

So many other of these “make money online” blogs are written by people who have never really made any money themselves, but that’s not the case with Keller Hawthorne. Although she is only in her 20s, she’s been running online businesses for at least four years. Even before she graduated from college, she was already earning a full-time income online. She also managed to get a PR6 on her home page within seven weeks of launch.

Keller also recognizes the importance of not putting all your eggs in one basket. She divides her time a couple of ecommerce stores and a web marketing firm, as well as the blog.

That’s One Fat Footer

Overall, the design of Fresh eVenture is very clean and appealing. You’ll notice that Keller is maximizing her screen real estate without making for a site that shocks you as being too cluttered. This is further demonstrated by the stellar use of a fat footer.

Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

In the footer section, you are once again granted access to the main links that sit at the top of the page, as well as smaller sections for discussion, comments, popular posts, Twitter updates, Facebook, and a sign-up form for the newsletter.

Keller is mindful of aesthetics and usability, running a best WordPress design contest on the blog too.

Text-Heavy Content (and a Bonus Toolbar)

Even though the clean aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, I find that the content section on the main page is a little too text-heavy. It would help if some of the articles were highlighted with thumbnail images.

Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

You’ll also notice that the blog loads with a special toolbar at the base of your browser. This grants quick access to recent posts, translation, Twitter, the Facebook fan page, and more. It’s quite useful without being intrusive.

Regarding the content itself, the text-heavy approach continues through to the blog posts. Each of the articles is definitely longer than what you’d expect from a lot of other blogs, but the quality of the writing is definitely there.

From getting Google PageRank to using confident self-promotion to grow your Internet business, these articles are comprehensive and approachable.

Come for the E-Book, Stay for the Blog

Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

Just as John offers a great free e-book on this blog, Keller has taken a similar approach with her blog. You can get Fresh Start for Your Online Business for free by providing a name and email address. This report teaches you how to “start your Internet business the right way one step at a time.”

If you like what you read there, you may choose to stick around and add Fresh eVenture to your preferred list of “make money online” blogs. Just be prepared to sit down for some longer reads.