Boost Your Site Revenue with PropellerAds

Innumerable opportunities abound for how you want to monetize your website or blog. There are countless ad networks out there, so it is in your best interest to leave no stone unturned. Sticking with only the best-known names could leave a significant amount of cash on the table. How can you earn more as a blogger?

A potentially lucrative option that you may want to add to your advertising mix is PropellerAds, a network that is easy to get started with and one that aims to maximize the revenue you earn from each and every visitor. In this review, we’ll take a look at what PropellerAds is all about.

The Highest eCPM Rates for International Traffic

Unlike some of the other ad networks you might encounter on the Internet, PropellerAds does not have a lengthy approval process nor are there any minimum traffic requirements. Once you’ve got through the registration form, your account information should be emailed you in a matter of minutes.


From the perspective of the publisher, PropellerAds promises a number of benefits. You’ll get global coverage, so it doesn’t matter where your site visitors are located in the world. By combining the campaigns with several advertisers and local networks, PropellerAds can also deliver the “highest revenue per visitor” with automatic optimization for an almost 100% fill rate.

Getting Started with PropellerAds

The publisher dashboard is relatively straightforward, providing you with all the key navigation along the left sidebar. The first page that you’ll see provides you with an overview of the ad performance, including earnings, impressions, clicks and CPM, as well as a forecast for the rest of the month.


It’s also through the dashboard that you can access your stat reports, add or edit your website information, get access to support, or tap into the referral program where you earn a 5% lifetime commission on all the earnings your referrals generate through the network.

PropellerAds operates on a net-30 schedule with a $100 minimum threshold via Payoneer and a $500 minimum threshold via wire transfer. The amount of money you’ll earn from this network will vary, of course, but they say that rates can get as high as US$7 eCPM. Publishers get an 80% revenue share, which is definitely on the more generous end of the scale.

What Ad Types Are Available?

While more standard banner ads are available through PropellerAds, the two flagship ad units are definitely more noteworthy. First, there is the OnClick Pop-Under.


As its name indicates, this is a pop-under ad (or “click under” ad) that appears when the visitor clicks anywhere on your website. It’s meant to be less invasive than a pop-up, since the user likely won’t see it until he or she closes or minimizes the main browser window.


Because of the way this works, you get the highest CPM rates as every impression generates revenue. It works with most mobile devices and it won’t take up any slots in your existing banner inventory. That means more money for you.

The screenshot above should give you some idea of the eCPM you can expect from the OnClick ad unit. You’ll notice that even with zero clicks (and thus a 0.00 CTR), over a thousand dollars was earned over the course of a single week.


The other flagship ad unit is the Dialog Ad. Mostly geared toward the mobile space, this takes on the form of a pop-up dialog box that appears inside of an app or on a mobile webpage. The user is given a very clear call to action. Seeing how mobile is the next big frontier in Internet marketing and online advertising, more creative options like this are a must. The mobile interstitials are another possibility to consider.

Unleash Your Earning Potential

Some ad networks operate purely on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Affiliate networks largely operate on a cost-per-action (CPA) or cost-per-sale (CPS) basis. PropellerAds is different in that it works with a number of advertisers and local networks who may be using CPA, CPC or CPM. These are then gathered together into the PropellerAds inventory, optimizing the best ad for publishers on a dynamic eCPM basis.

Rather than figuring out which ads work best for which users on which devices from what geographic location, let PropellerAds do all that hard work for you. It only takes a couple of moments to sign up and since it costs nothing to join, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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