Review: New Changes to YouTube Comments

We recently had Review the changes to YouTube, which is one of the top social marketing platforms. Are you using YouTube as part of your online marketing campaign? In addition to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, YouTube is great tool that has been shown to have some significant success in marketing.

This Review will highlight the changes to YouTube management and provide the information both viewers and content uploaders need to be aware of. If you have an active channel on YouTube you should get familiar with this update and the new tools available to manage your videos. If you have not yet implemented YouTube as part of your online branding, now is a great time to get started.

Before we discuss the recent changes reviewed by, here are a few reasons why you should consider using YouTube to market your brand:

YouTube is Free.

Creating video content takes time; however the uploading process is fairly quick and easy. Once your video has been uploaded to your YouTube channel, the content is there for your target customers to view.

SEO Benefits of YouTube.

Search Engines like video content and give a higher ranking to sites with uploaded videos. YouTube videos can easily be embedded into your homepage or blog. Additionally, if you take the time to transcribe the video content, which will give an extra boost in SEO that search engines will love. You may even consider transcribing the content into a few languages such as Spanish to increase relevance to a larger market.

Builds Brand Awareness.

Creating videos gives users a face to put with the name of the people involved with your company. This is a great way to use social media to build trust and strengthen the reputation of your brand. Also taking the time to provide your customers with helpful YouTube videos to explain product features, offer helpful tips and problem solving solutions, gives your company an extra edge in providing great costumer service. This goes a long way in creating positive engagement with your customers online.

Viral Content.

You’ve heard a million times about the newest video that has “gone viral”. No, this doesn’t mean the video is spreading a computer virus, it simply means the video has become one of the most widely shared pieces of content currently online. This helps to spread your brand’s message to thousands if not millions of viewers worldwide. When these viral videos mention a product, statistically it always leads to increased sales. Think of the extra business you could gain even by getting exposure to an additional 10k views online.

Now that we have recapped some of the ways YouTube marketing can help strengthen your brand’s online reputation and increase marketing exposure, here the recent changes and new tools to the YouTube platform. One of the biggest changes, is YouTube teaming up to create tools powered by Google+ that will help to moderate spam comments and organize comments based on their relevancy.

Here is what you need to know from the Review New Changes to YouTube Comments:

Shift from Random Comments to Meaningful Conversations.

YouTube currently displays the most recent comment first. In viral videos, there may be thousands of comments, which usually means a viewer may have to sift through lots of unrelated spam to get to any useful commentary regarding the video content. The new tools will default to showing viewers the most relevant comments first, which include any comments left by the owner of the YouTube channel. Additionally, you will be able to see comments from those in your Google+ Circles closer to the top as well.

Having a Strong Google+ Reputation will Help Boost Your Comment Placement.

The comments will now be sorted by three factors: community engagement, votes for comments, and online reputation of the person commenting. This means that if you have previously had your account flagged for spam your comments will likely be hidden near the bottom of the list. On the positive side, those with a strong Google+ profile will often be near the top of the comments due to their strong reputation.

Comments can be Made Publicly or Privately.

This is a new feature to YouTube and is part of the strategy to encourage more interaction and conversation rather than just isolated comments. Viewers will now have the option to comment publicly or privately to just the people in their circle. The replies will be managed similar to email threading in Gmail.

More Control for Channel Owners.

Channel owners will be provided with increased tools to help moderate the comments on their uploaded videos. Some of these new features include: option to review comments before they go live, blacklisting certain keywords, and approving certain users on a whitelist so their comments go live immediately. Because the system is powered through Google+ also allows a channel owner to upload a video for only specific circles in their Google+ profile.

Comment Integration with Other Social Network Sites.

In addition to the changes that will put a heavier importance ranking relevancy instead of just recent comments, the comment tools through Google+ will help to better integrate with other social network websites. For example, if you post on Facebook and include a YouTube link, that comment will also show up directly on YouTube video itself.

Overall, the new changes resulting from YouTube teaming up with Google+ should be positive for both channel owners and YouTube users. The new Review tools are already being tested by a small group of users, and all YouTube channels should have access to the new system by the end of this year.