Build a Job Search Megasite in Under an Hour

Launching a new website can be quite a bit of hard work. You have to decide on a design. You have to code that design. You have to write the content. And then when it’s finally up and running, you have to update it regularly and make sure the search engines are coming by to visit.

There has to be an easier way. One package that you might want to consider is 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box. It may not have the most eloquent name on the Internet, but it could prove to be a viable source of income as part of your online portfolio. Let’s get on with today’s review.

What Is 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box?

I get that the developers of this offering wanted to give it a name that was descriptive, but this just ends up sounding convoluted and confusing. This is mostly because it can be hard to determine exactly what they mean. Is there a search in a box for 300K page jobs? No. It’s a job search, in a box, that comes with 300k pages.

The core idea here is that you get a turnkey script to “instantly create a niche job search engine with a site footprint of 300,000+ pages.” In a nutshell, you install the script, run through some options, and have a huge “megasite” up and running in a matter of minutes. You just need to get your own domain.

In every economy, whether it’s up or down, people are looking for jobs. They could go to the “monster” sized job sites, but you can really capitalize on specific niches. That’s the big idea behind this sort of solution. Target a certain demographic, looking for a certain kind of job, and monetize that traffic every way you can.

Seeing the Turnkey Solution in Action

Perhaps the easiest way to understand how 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box works is to see a live example. You can check that out at, a site set up by the same guys who make the script in the first place.

The sample site has been set up to target the United States (and its territories), focusing on local clerical jobs. You can see the listings based on the state or you can enter a zip code and look for jobs within a certain distance. You’ll notice very quickly that the site is integrated into Indeed’s Publisher program.

Indeed is basically a job search utility that offers monetization options for site owners. That’s one way you can make money from the site, since each job posting is actually on Indeed’s site (the script uses frames so that site visitors still see your custom domain/URL in the address bar).

Does It Make Money?

To get a sense of whether having these 300,000 pages on a job search site will actually net you any cash, the developers have put together a live case study for you to read. It covers a number of topics surrounding the idea of having a site that auto-scales and is on auto-pilot.

The case study gets updated periodically. Some highlights include getting the site indexed by Google in one day, getting 1000+ pages indexed in one week, and getting 21,000+ pages indexed in 21 days. The example site was profitable in the first month and was earning over $100/month by month 2.

How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, there are two main sets of options if you want to give the 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box a try.

The self-installation option comes with three different licenses. A single license for a single site is $72.75, a license for three domains (and one SEO matrix) is $147.75, and a license for five domains (and three SEO matrixes) is $185.25. Alternatively, you can go with the hosted installation for $14.96/month. That includes all the hosting and maintenance through their cloud-based solution. All of these prices already include a special discount for being a reader of John Chow dot Com.

Autopilot sites are great, because you really can “set it and forget it.” If you really can be profitable with a “megasite” filled with thousands of job postings, this script may very well be worth the purchase price. The challenge, of course, is getting that targeted traffic.