Building Online Assets and Flipping Them for Profit

When it comes to real estate and commodities in the real world, you can probably expect some fluctuations. Investing in those kinds of properties, you are bound to market conditions and it can take quite a bit of work to produce any kind of profit. When it comes to buying and selling websites, however, you are not bound to any single economy and you can never run out of stock. When done correctly, this practice can generate quite the healthy income for the right individual.

The challenge, of course, is figuring how to do this correctly and consistently. The Equity Millions System by Brian Owens promises to teach you how to develop web properties and “quadruple (or better) their value before selling them off inside 60 days.” Brian requested this review, so let’s have a look at what the Equity Millions System has to offer.

This is Not an E-Book

While you may encounter a good number of e-books out there that seemingly teach the same thing, the difference with this online asset building system is that it is comprised of several videos. There is some other stuff in there too, which I’ll get to in a moment, but the core material comes from the eight hours of video lessons. You’re not reading a book; you’re taking a course.

The goal with Equity Millions is to train you on how to develop web properties, build up their value, and then flip them for massive profit. The monthly subscription fee for Equity Millions is pretty comprehensive, not only instructing you on the process of building online assets, but also providing you with some of the tools that you’ll need along the way.

Modules and Homework

Equity Millions is a course that teaches you how to build “online assets with real value” and it walks you through the entire process. Currently, the course material is broken down into four modules, each of which contains several lessons. For example, the first module (Success Begins with Day 1) is comprised of ten individual lessons.

Each lesson starts with a brief text introduction, but the real meat comes from the video. These are not short five-minute videos either, so be prepared to sit down for about a half hour at a time. I wan’t able to grab a screen-capture, but the first lesson — The Equity Millions System Overview — was done through a screencast using MS Paint. Brian Owens uses MS Paint as his whiteboard and I felt this was unprofessional. The math described in the video was also a little off. He says that to make $3,000 a month from a website, you need to only sell a $97 product thirty times. That works out to $2,910. I get his sentiment, but he should be more accurate. Owens admits that he’s not exactly high-tech, but he could have easily done something like a simple PowerPoint presentation instead of using MS Paint. Thankfully, the rest of the lessons appear to be much better.

Other lessons in the first module include Getting 24 Times The Value, How to Find Good Domains, and Dissecting a Successful Site Flip.

Upon completion of Module 1 and Module 3, you will be presented with a homework assignment. I did say that Equity Millions was an online course, didn’t I? In fact, your homework assignment — which is presented to you in the form of a video — must be submitted and it will be graded. If you happen to fail, they’re not going to kick you out of school, but they will “hold your hand” as you try to make the appropriate corrections.

Blog, Forum, Daily Flip Alerts…

Aside from the main course described above, the Equity Millions System is also comprised of a few extras. For starters, all members receive free hosting for their websites. You are limited to one gigabyte of storage, but you can create an unlimited number of mySQL databases and host an unlimited number of domains. This hosting plan is equivalent to about $5-$10 in value each month. There are also site builder tools and 4,500 templates at your disposal.

Although there isn’t much there yet, Equity Millions also has a blog, which is freely accessible to both members and non-members. There is also a members-only forum where you can discuss the individual modules (think of it as an online study group), as well as anything related to the building, buying, and selling of online properties.

Other features include daily “flip alerts” with details on how to buy specific websites and build them, monthly site selling summits (webcasts), and joint venture contests where members have a chance to work on flipping a website with Brian Owens himself.

Invest, Develop, and Sell

Obviously, I didn’t have the time to go through all eight hours of online videos, but from what I did see, the material is easy to follow. With a little ingenuity, dedication, and practice, you may be able to flip websites on a regular basis for big profit too, but just know that it won’t be easy. It’ll take some hard work, but at least Equity Millions can provide you with the tools (and the helping hand) to lead you in the right direction. To get started, you can sign up for a 30-day trial for $9.95. Each subsequent month costs $47.