Buy and Sell Digital Products with ContentMixi

Are you a terrific web designer, but you’re having trouble finding clients on a freelance basis? Maybe you’re a website or business owner and you’re on the hunt for a new WordPress theme. In either case, it may be worthwhile to consider the prospect of a digital marketplace.

You’ve probably seen some similar places as ContentMixi, but there are a couple of nice highlights in this review that may catch your eye.

A Digital Marketplace

It’s still in its beta stage, but ContentMixi is completely ready to go, both for buyers and for sellers. You don’t have to register for two separate accounts for these purposes either, as a single account can handle both roles in this marketplace for digital products.

Buy and Sell Digital Products with ContentMixi

The general layout and design of ContentMixi is straightforward and easy to understand. From the main page, you are presented with a grid of items from the “web templates” category. This grid shows you a thumbnail of the available website template, the regular price, a link to read more about it, and a link to buy it.

Near the top of the page are a series of tabs for the main categories: web templates, logos, content, e-book, illustration, and animation. Upon clicking on any of these categories, you can see the sub-categories that are available. For example, you can find things like Joomla templates and newsletter templates under the web template category.

Pricing ranges accordingly, but it seems that the vast majority of standard website templates are in the $30 range. The assumption is that the designers and artists can resell these templates to as many buyers as they desire.

Buy and Sell Digital Products with ContentMixi

Full websites, which presumably come pre-populated with content too, are typically a little more. The car website shown above is $40, for example.

Branding with Web-Friendly Logos

Buying a website design that will likely also be used by someone else isn’t ideal, but it’s acceptable for the majority of site owners so long as they make some minor alterations. However, I do find it strange that you can buy premade logos on ContentMixi as well.

Buy and Sell Digital Products with ContentMixi

These already have names of fake companies on them, so they won’t do you any good unless you alter them to use the name of your company. At that point, why would you be paying $45 or more for the download? I suppose you could alter the logos, just like you do with a site template, but it may be more worthwhile to get an original logo at that point.

Three Ways to Make Money with ContentMixi

So, what if you want to make some money from ContentMixi, but you don’t have an artistic bone in your body? Well, there are two other ways that you can get in on some cash.

First, you may be interested in the affiliate program. For all new clients that you refer to ContentMixi, you earn a lifetime 20% commission on all purchases. The referral program lets you send visitors to any page on the site too, so designers can earn twice on a single transaction. Payment is made by PayPal with a minimum threshold of $50.

Second, all the blog owners in the audience can choose to participate in the review contest. Write a review of ContentMixi on your site, following the linking requirements outlined on the contest page, and you’ll have a chance to win some cash. There will be three winners in all, receiving $200, $60, and $20. The contest runs until December 10 with the winner being announced on Christmas Day.

In the end, it seems that ContentMixi is a solid marketplace. Some of the categories, like content (articles) and e-book, aren’t as strong as the web template category, but there could be some substantial growth in the future. The affiliate program sounds like it could be quite lucrative too.