Buy and Sell Websites with Lazy Revenue

lazy revenue

Lazy Revenue is like a cost effective version of Flippa. Website owners can list their sites on the Lazy Revenue marketplace for one monthly flat fee. Unlike Flippa, there is no commission on a sale. This mean more profit to the site seller. Website buyers will find hundreds of sites available for purchase. They range from domain names to established sites and everything in between.

The success of Lazy Revenue depends greatly on their marketplace. If there are no sites or services for sale, there’s pretty much no Lazy Revenue to be made. To that end, Lazy Revenue has gone to great extent to attract site sellers and buyers. For example, anyone creating a new account this week will receive two for one credits. Lazy Revenue’s listing price is extremely reasonable as well:

  • Advertise your services: $5
  • Advertising Space for Sale: $0
  • Content For Sale: $5
  • Domain Name Classifieds: $10
  • Established Web Sites for Sale: $15
  • Premium Web Sites for Sale: $30
  • Scripts & Software for Sale: $5
  • Templates For Sale: $5
  • Turnkey Web Sites for Sale: $5

Notice that advertising banner space you have for sale on your blog doesn’t cost anything? If you’ve been trying your hands at landing some directly advertisers, listing it at Lazy Revenue is a free way to do it. Creating an account take only a minute and is free.

Get Free Stuff!

Another bonus for setting up an account with Lazy Revenue is you get free stuff just for joining. This month, they’re giving away five Twitter apps that will help you get the most out of the social media network.

To all of our members we are offering 5 cool little twitter applications totally free! Only members can view and download this product. When you download the file you will find a folder inside the zip file for each application. We have also included the macOS config files for mac based systems. Each month we will provide all registered members free “products” ranging from scripts to premium eBooks, be sure to tell your friends. The download includes the following scripts; Who has more twitters, speedy twitter, who has more followers, when did you join, and time wasted on twitter.

Site Flipping Contest

For readers who like to buy and sell websites, this contest is for you. Every month, Lazy Revenue runs a competition to find the best sellers. For every website you sell you score a point. At the end of the month, the seller with the most points wins $100 cash and $100 in free credits. Runner up gets $50 cash and $50 in credits and third place gets $20 cash and $20 in credits. It’s the start of the month so you have plenty of time to entry.

Lazy Revenue is looking for feedback on ways to improve their site and service, so check the site and let them know what you think.

Buy and Sell Websites with Lazy Revenue