Buying Quality Backlinks with SEO Link Wheelers

All the regular readers of John Chow dot Com will know that John has been known to use some so-called “black hat” methods when it comes to search engine optimization and making money online. Even so, these methods may not always work and it’s very possible that you could face certain punishments from Google if you do.

That’s why it may be a more prudent option to use the services offered by SEO Link Wheelers. Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at what they do, why you might want to hire them, and how much it all costs.

Creating One-Way Backlinks

As you may already know, there are countless different strategies and tactics that you can employ to get your site skyrocketing to the top of Google. Part of it has to do with on-page monetization, but getting those valued backlinks directed at your site using the right anchor text can have the biggest impact.

And that’s where this SEO service comes into the picture. You won’t find anything too complicated or overwhelming with what SEO Link Wheelers brings to the table. What they do is “handle the tedious, boring work of creating one-way backlinks.”

You have to remember that one-way backlinks are much more valuable than link exchanges. It’s also important that these links come from legitimate sources that have not been flagged by Google as spam sites. That’s why they use what they call “link wheels,” helping to maintain the legitimacy and value of each outbound link (or inbound link, from your perspective).

Analyzing for the Right Keywords

One of the first things that you’ll want to do before you sign up for the SEO Link Wheelers service is to use the free site analysis. The basic version can be accessed from the main page, inserting your site’s domain into the domain as depicted above.

For the sake of his review, I entered This is the basic analysis, but you can also submit your e-mail address for a fuller report. Looking at the basic analysis, it seems I have quite a varied source of traffic. Some people appear to be looking for me, but others are interested in the 300 movie, “sic” grammar concerns, and Kid Carson.

The analysis is able to show you what keywords are currently bringing the most traffic to your site, but you can always request that SEO Link Wheelers focus on other keywords or keyword phrases. If you have a car buying site, for example, you might tell them to focus on “used cars” or some variation.

US-Based Link Building Firm

If you’re thinking that you can get the same kind of service outsourced somewhere else, SEO Link Wheelers is quick to point out that they are different from the rest of the crowd. The developers “were tired of paying some foreign company money on PayPal, hoping they would get back to us. We could never talk to anyone on the phone, and we were just happy if we got half of what we paid.”

By contrast, this SEO service is completely US-based and you can actually talk to someone on the phone if you have any questions or concerns. After placing an order, you also gain access to the project management system so you can see exactly what’s happening and when you should expect to see results. In general, the links you order will be up within a week and you could see search ranking improvements in less than a month.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, that depends on how many targeted one-way backlinks you want to have.

At the moment, SEO Link Wheelers has three price plans for you to consider. The $479 Gold package is the most popular and offers a total of 74 links. Most of these are sponsored blog posts (perhaps through places like SocialSpark), while others come from web 2.0 properties, PR sites, and custom YouTube videos.

Stepping up, you can get 119 links with the $664 platinum package or you can step down to the $379 silver package for just 37 links. Each of these come with certain restrictions as to the number of keywords and URLs, so you’ll want to factor that into your decision making process too.

Rolling with the Link Wheel

No matter what your school of thought when it comes to search engine optimization, it really does boil down to the number and quality of links that are directed toward your site. SEO Link Wheelers helps to build that up for you using completely white hat methods. This way, you won’t get the smackdown from Google for trying to game the system.