Buying Targeted Links with PaidBacklinks

It’s not exactly a secret that quality one-way backlinks can work wonders for your search engine optimization. Submitting your site to directories and social bookmarking sites can only get so far, so how do you go about getting more links and getting your site to the top of Google for your target search term?

One method that you can try is enlisting the services of As you might be able to guess from the name of the domain, Paid Backlinks sells you paid backlinks. That makes sense, doesn’t it? In this review, we’ll have a look at how it works, whether it’s worth your money, and how you can can make some of that money back.

How Does Work?

It’s really pretty straightforward, as you can imagine. You give them money and they give you links.

Of course, the kinds of links that you get in return are of paramount importance when it comes to a service like this. If all the links are on “link farm” sites that all use the same IP address, it’s not hard for Google to notice and take appropriate action. Thankfully, that’s not the case here.

When you buy backlinks through this service, the links come by way of a blog network. These are primarily WordPress blogs, each on different IPs and Subnets, and they span just about every possible vertical. There are tens of thousands of these blogs and new ones are added each week. Some are up to four years old.

Paid Backlinks guarantees that Google does indeed index its blog network and they’ve taken the extra step of pinging and updating the RSS feed for each and every new blog post. This helps to ensure proper indexing.

Setting Up a Campaign

The signup process is pretty much instant. You enter a name and an e-mail address. That e-mail address gets verified, you get sent a password, and you’re on your way with ten free credits. Each credit buys you one backlink. Then, you mosey over to the dashboard to start your first campaign.

For the purposes of this review, I used up my ten free credits to buy some backlinks for my fighting games blog. I targeted the keyword phrase “Street Fighter” and indicated that up to ten links could be posted per day. You can choose a daily limit between one and 20 links.

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that the system can only “place 7 links right now.” This means the inventory is already there and for me to use up all ten credits, they’ll have to generate some new stuff with their “dynamic content pushing system.” Based on this, it sounds like many of the links you buy will be not on new posts, but on updated posts that had been previously published.

Monitoring the Campaign

After you submit a campaign, the total number of credits that the campaign requires is immediately removed from your account. Let’s say that you wanted to spend 100 credits with a maximum of 5 links per day; this campaign would then last at least 20 days. From there, you can monitor its progress through the reports.

In the reports, you can see your keyword and target URL, as well as the URL where your purchased link was published and the date it was published. That’s for accountability and all of this information can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Those ten free credits go by pretty quickly, so you’ll need to buy more.

The $47 Silver package buys you 179 credits, the $97 gold package nets you 439 credits, and the $147 platinum package buys 769 credits. You can work out the math yourself, but all of these packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, you can recoup some of these costs through the affiliate program too. When you do, you earn a 40% recurring commission rate on every month that your referrals are subscribed. There are no guarantees that these backlinks will skyrocket you to the top, but the system offered here is straightforward and appears to offer decent value.