Buying Valuable Backlinks from BacklinkBuild

Buying Valuable Backlinks from BacklinkBuild

Do you feel like you’re doing all the right things for the purposes of search engine optimization but your efforts are coming up short? Maybe you’ve tried to promote your website through social media, but that’s not generating enough traffic either?

As you may already know, one of the most powerful elements of a successful SEO campaign is to acquire as many quality backlinks as possible. These help with your search engine rankings and they’re worth more when they come from higher ranked pages on the ‘net. It may take forever for you to acquire these backlinks organically, so that’s why you may want to consider a service like BacklinkBuild.

Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at the different packages offered by BacklinkBuild and whether they are worth your hard-earned time and money.

Loading Up with PR5+ Backlinks

The primary product featured on the BacklinkBuild homepage is the sale of over 45 one-way backlinks coming from PR5+ websites.

Buying Valuable Backlinks from BacklinkBuild

These can work wonders in getting your website ranked for your chosen keywords and keyword phrases, especially since BacklinkBuild allows you to choose your anchor text. In fact, you can choose as many anchors as you’d like. These links are all do-follow and permanent.

While it may sound like BacklinkBuild will be placing these seemingly organic links inside websites in its network, you’ll notice the fine print in the footer of the page. In addition to manual text link placement, BacklinkBuild also uses “dofollow blog commenting.” Blog comments have some SEO weight, but they’re not as valuable as regular in-text links.

The price for “over 45” PR5+ backlinks is $295, down from their regular price of $465. That works out to about $6.50 per link.

The Social Bookmarking Phenomenon

If you didn’t know any better, you would assume that the PR5+ backlink package described above was the only package that BacklinkBuild had to offer. However, you’ll find three other options at the bottom of the page. One of these is the social bookmarking package.

Buying Valuable Backlinks from BacklinkBuild

With this, BacklinkBuild will submit your website to over 1,000 social bookmarking websites for SEO and traffic purposes. We assume that they’ll be using services like Reddit and StumbleUpon. You could certainly do this on your own, but it could be very time-consuming to do so.

The social bookmarking service from BacklinkBuild is $119.

Educational Exposure Too?

As difficult as it may be to acquire a good number of regular backlinks from regular websites, it is even more difficult to get these links from coveted GOV and EDU domains. These TLDs are heavily regulated, so only certain people and organizations can register for them.

Buying Valuable Backlinks from BacklinkBuild

Unlike the regular backlink package where the links are permanent, the EDU text link package from BacklinkBuild does not guarantee that these links are permanent; they’re only guaranteed to stay “live” for 30 days. BacklinkBuild does say that “most links are permanent,” but it’s a roll of the dice after 30 days.

Not surprisingly, the EDU link package is more expensive. There are four packages, ranging in price from $119 for the basic to $980 to the corporate. These work out to between $14 and $17 per link.

More Relevant Links to Your Site

The main PR5+ package may, as mentioned, make use of dofollow blog commenting to give you the 45 backlinks. The relevant link package, however, is more akin to a PayPerPost system.

Buying Valuable Backlinks from BacklinkBuild

For $189, BacklinkBuild will produce “unique articles optimized for SEO and containing anchored text links to your website.” The articles will then be published on PR3+ blogs on a permanent basis.

However, there does not seem to be explicit mention that you’ll get 12 unique articles for your 12 included text links. It’s very well possible that BacklinkBuild will only write two articles with six links each, isn’t it?

The Risks and Rewards of BacklinkBuild

Remember when Google cracked down on any site that sold paid text links? Remember how John got the smack down for running contests to acquire links back to his blog with a specific anchor text? Well, it may be possible that BacklinkBuild’s efforts could land you in the naughty books of Google, but it is also possible that Google won’t notice and assume that these inbound links are completely legitimate.

Such is the risk and reward of paid links. Proceed at your own discretion.