Can Super Apprentice Make Money Online?

I know nothing about Dave Moore. On the surface, he seems like just another get rich quick guru. It looks like he’s trying to make a quick buck, not through conventional means, but by suckering in some poor saps and convincing them to buy into his Super Apprentice system.

Everyone knows that ReviewMe reviews need not be positive, and here is one case where I can’t help but be a little on the negative side.

Another Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure. When you hit up the main page on the Super Apprentice website — the only one available to non-members — it sure looks like a get rich quick scheme. It has all the signs: a single page with a fairly lengthy sales letter, plenty of bullet points outlining “key points”, and some big colorful font that tells you, in short, how great this secret system to make money online is. He encourages you to join in the fun and profit, but this main page tells you nothing about how the system works. You need to sign up for that.

But that’s where it gets a little odd. To get “exclusive access”, all you have to provide is your first name and an email address. He doesn’t ask for any money up front. I never did give Moore any of my contact information, but John did convince him to provide us with “inside access” to the Super Apprentice system.

Um, Where Do I Start?


After logging into the members-only section of Super Apprentice, I was presented with a rather plain looking page. The default is the “projects” section, where it would list the various money-making schemes that you have set up through Super Apprentice. This was utterly confusing, because I had no idea where I was supposed to start and what I was supposed to do. The first bit of advice that I would give Dave Moore is that there should be a welcome screen or a main “dashboard” of some sort that greets users when they first log in. After all, the Super Apprentice system is largely designed for newbies and not dot com moguls like John Chow.

After some digging around, I came across the tutorials under the “Support” section. It starts off with a ten-minute audio clip that introduces you to the Super Apprentice system. Unfortunately, this tells you nothing about how it all works. Instead, Dave — with a distinct Southern accent — talks about how you need to stay motivated, why you don’t need to be a techie to make money his way, and something about a boxer.

After this, you choose either the “newbie” or the “experienced” stream. More audio clips, more useless information (this time with The Karate Kid). It wasn’t until I scrolled to the bottom of the support page that I found how this system works. Thankfully, the step-by-step process from there was reasonably clear through the large set of video tutorials.


Super Apprentice Money Making Schemes

Basically, you are assigned a keyword phrase and then you create a MFA (Made for Adsense) website around it. The actual design is completely automated (there’s help for the domain registration and web hosting, complete with what appear to be affiliate links). Based on the keyword phrase, you are given the choice of several related keyword phrases on which you are to base your website content, with one page (500 words or so) dedicated to each phrase. After you finish a handful of pages for the site, you upload it all and wait for the Adsense clicks to come in.

This really sounds like something you could do yourself without the Super Apprentice system. Realistically, the same thing can be achieved through creating a WordPress blog (with a little help from the Google Adwords keyword tool). I was not impressed with Super Apprentice, but I can see how it can be helpful to people who are completely new to making money online, because the only part you’re really responsible for is the content. When you get stuck, there is also a forum on the site where members (and Dave) can help you out.

In a nutshell, Dave Moore’s Super Apprentice is just another way for you to tackle the MFA game. It might be attractive to absolute newbs, but the rest of us can see right through it..