Can You Flip Free Hosting Sites For Cash?

Buy low, sell high. That seems to the critical philosophy when it comes to just about any kind of business and making money online is no exception. Some people may try to develop lucrative blogs like John Chow dot Com, but your time may be better spent flipping sites for cash, as taught by the e-book being reviewed today. The concept is fine, but this e-book might not be enough to succeed.

Make Money Flipping Free Web Hosting Sites

According to David Hong, the man behind and author of “Make Money Flipping Free Web Hosting Sites”, the concept is that you can develop a website and build it into a lucrative Internet destination in about a month, shipping it off to the highest bidder shortly afterwards. According to his screenshots, David has been able to accomplish this on several occasions, flipping the sites for $500 or more.


More specifically, the websites that he is flipping — you can probably see this coming — are free web hosting sites. These are places where random visitors are able to host their content for free and David’s goal is to build up a large user base within a short timespan. This does not necessarily translate into a site that is making money right now, but the large user base has great value to a potential buyer. He says that this market is unsaturated and he’s willing to share his methods with you.

Do You Speak Engrish?

I realize that proper spelling and good grammar are not necessarily the main selling points of any e-book or blog — John’s atrocious spelling and grammar attest to that — but you can’t help but be frustrated when you are bombarded with all sorts of poor sentence structure and incorrect spelling. You don’t even need to look further than the big bold statement at the top of the landing page for


There are several errors in this simple statement already, so you can imagine how many errors you’d find in the e-book itself. It’s possible that I’m mistaken, but I have a feeling that English is not David Hong’s first language. The e-book was very difficult to read, not because the content was complex or dense (quite the opposite, actually), but because it was just so poorly written.

Check out the opening paragraph:

Selling sites is the one of the quickest ways to bring great ROI. Last few months, flipping proxy sites and PLR sites were very attractive and easy ways for people to make money. Especially for proxy sites, there were so many people who wanted to buy those sites because proxy sites really grow by word-of-mouth and once it starts rolling it can bring so much amount of money monthly in your pocket.

Unless you are fluent in Engrish, you may have a challenging time getting through the 15 pages of text. David’s blog isn’t much better. On a side note, David is also holding a contest with ad placements and cash as prizes.

Not Much More Than a Blog Post

“Make Money Flipping Free Web Hosting Sites” has got to be one of the shortest e-books on the market. This, in itself, would not be an issue if the content was actually useful. I can pretty much summarize the entire book using three short sentences.

  1. Buy domains and launch free web hosting sites.
  2. Advertise these sites and build a user base.
  3. Flip these sites for profit.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that David does not provide any useful pointers toward how you should go about doing step 2 or step 3. He just tells you that you need to market the sites, perhaps using methods like Google Adwords, but there is no specific advice as to how you can build that member base. Anyone can start an Adword campaign; it’s another thing altogether to have a successful Adword campaign.

To make matters worse, the first half of the book is simply selling you on the method. He’s telling you how easy it is to make money online using this strategy for a solid five or six pages, and then the ensuing nine pages are filled with fluff of limited value.

Flip This Ebook Way to Make $$$?


I don’t mean to discourage people who have English as a second language, but if you’re going to produce an e-book, you should at least get a native English speaker to proofread the thing. Better still, hire a professional freelance writer to ghost-write the whole thing for you. Moreover, the content should actually be useful and informative. The more specific you get, the better, because this is the information that people will pay for.

Even the tagline needs some serious work. When I read the line “Flip this ebook way to make $$$”, I though David was telling me to re-sell his $10 e-book. I had to do a double-take before I realized that he was trying to preach the method (“way”) being taught in the e-book. If you’re still interested in Make Money Flipping Free Web Hosting Sites (I can’t imagine why you would), you can click here to order.