Can You Make $500+ a Day with My Binary Recoded?

Yes, it may be true that money can’t buy you happiness, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a few “extra” dollars kicking around in your bank account. It’s even better when you have several hundred or even several thousands “extra” dollars at your disposal, especially when it doesn’t take as much effort as you may think to get that there.

And that’s fundamentally the idea behind My Binary Recoded. As we make our way through today’s review, we’ll have a look at this “step-by-step system for generating at least $500 a day guaranteed.” Does it really live up to its claims? What do you have to do to rake in this kind of dough?

A Free Method to Cheat the Odds

When you look at most of the “get rich quick” schemes on the Internet, they start with a longer sales letter that eventually gets to the real pitch where they ask for your money. They try to sell you into a system for several hundred dollars and then it turns out that it doesn’t really work. That’s not really the case here.

The main difference is that this “method” is 100% free. It doesn’t cost you anything to “buy” into the program, because the person behind the site is willing to give you all the steps and tools that you need free of charge. The kicker is that he claims that this system has been proven and that he is able to make over $700,000 a year working just four hours a day from the comfort of his home.

Earn At Least $70 Every 60 Seconds

After you’ve entered your name and e-mail address on the main My Binary Recoded page, you will then be redirected to the next page where the step-by-step guide is provided.

You’ll see several videos along the right sidebar, including multiple testimonies of success. According to the guy behind the site, he’s had people made some serious cash using his program. He had one woman make $5,000 in one month and another guy who made over $23,000 in three months.

Does this sound too good to be true? What is this magical system that will have you earning over $500 every day without any MLM, direct sales or recruiting? As it turns out, it’s something you’ve likely seen before.

The Binary Trading System

And here we go again. If you’ve been reading John Chow dot Com for a while, you’ve probably seen some of my other reviews where I talk about other binary trading systems. The one here being offered by Dude Gives Advice and My Binary Recoded really isn’t all that different.

You’re trading binary options. You may trade in currencies, stocks, commodities and more. The idea is that you “bet” on whether a starting price will be higher or lower at the time the option expires. You select the “clear” trader’s choice of up or down. If you choose correctly, you repeat the process to keep earning a typical payout of around 70%. If you choose incorrectly, you increase your trade on the next one and “bet” on the same option again. Eventually, the odds catch up to you and you earn your payout.

There is a more detailed explanation when you get to the landing page, but that’s the fundamental idea. We’ve heard it before and it’s not exactly reinventing the wheel. The assumption is that this step-by-step guide is being given away to you for free, because you are encouraged to sign up with one of the “partner sites” to do your options trading and the site owner earns a referral commission.

Is It a Scam?

In the strictest sense, no. As far as I know, this is a perfectly legal practice and there really is the potential to earn a lot of money with a system for options trading. The caveat is that you are necessarily risking your own money with each trade and, while the system says that this risk is minimized with each level, there is still risk and you still need some starting capital. It’s up to you how you want to proceed.