Carver One – I Have Got To Get Me One Of These!

This looks like one fun machine. Stable and safe (I assume) like a car but leans over in turns like a motorcycle. Dutch by design the Carver One owes its name to the English verb to carve. This is exactly what happens when you drive a Carver: you carve corners. And even when there are none, you will be carving down the roads, carving your way through traffic, constructing your own track just like skiers carve down snowy slopes.

At low speeds and in reverse, the cockpit stays upright. As soon as you gain speed and turn the steering wheel, the cockpit banks, just like a motorcycle or, even better, a fighter jet! The Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) system automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the cockpit to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle, enabling a plane-like tilting before cornering.

The Carver is available in US and Canada but it’s classified as a motorcycle, which means you’ll need to wear a helmet and have a Class 6 license to drive one. Then again, I doubt most cops will know this and won’t pull you over if they see you carve by without the required helmet or driver license.

Here is a Top Gear video review of the Carver. I wonder if there’s a dealer in Vancouver?