Cherry Picking The Best Ads with Chango

Chango is a new ad network that offers payout much higher than a traditional banner ad network. It does this by cherry picking the traffic going to your blog and serving ads only to readers from the US or Canada and who came to your blog via a major search engine like Google or Bing.

From an advertiser’s stand point, not all readers are created equal. The most valuable are those who live in the US or Canada because they spend the most money online. It’s also proven that readers coming from a major search engine are far more valuable than readers coming from any other channels.

What Chango does is allow you to capitalize on those high value visitors by serving ads only to them. If a reader doesn’t meet those criteria, then Chango can serve either a 3rd party ad (like Google AdSense), a house ad or it can collapse the ad and show nothing. By adding Chango to your blog, you are maximizing the revenue from all your ad spots.

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Chango offers all the major ad sizes as well as customization for the color schemes. The ads are extremely easy to set up and install. Watch the screen cast below to see how easy it is to create a Chango ad.

Chango is completely free to join. If your blog gets a lot of search traffic, then I highly recommend you apply for Chango. The ad rate are significantly higher than what you’ll be able to get with a normal ad network that doesn’t cheery pick the traffic.

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