Citizen of The United States of America

Yesterday, I was in Seattle for a very special day. After 13 years, Sarah has received the highest title the United State could ever bestow on anyone: Citizen of the United of America. Yes, it’s true. I am now married to an American.

Citizenship and the citizenship ceremonies are handle by the US Department of Homeland Security. Getting into the Homeland Security building is like going through airport security. You have to walk through a metal detector and there’s a 100% ID check. I found the level of security over the top because that building only handles citizenship and immigration. How much security does it need?

If you’ve been feeling down on America lately, and that’s not hard to do with the flood of bad news coming from CNN everyday, head on down to your local Homeland Security office and witness a citizenship ceremony. Your faith will be restored. While Vancouver may be the best city in the world to live, America is still the greatest country in the world.

If you were born in America, you may take your citizenship for granted. But it’s really a gift. And those who received their gift yesterday know that the road to United State citizenship is not an end, but only the beginning. God bless America.

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