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Joel Comm’s new book, Click Here To Order, hits the major bookstores and today. The book tells the stories of ordinary people who made it big on the Internet. It’s a very inspirational and fascinating read.

If you’ve ever wished you could have a personal conversation with some of the top internet marketers and ask how they made the transition from “normal” life to Internet Marketing rock star, Joel has gone out and done it. He interviewed over forty internet marketers to find how they started and what made them successful.

$1 Click Here To Order Bonus Pack

If you order a copy of Click Here To Order, you’ll have an opportunity to get a bonus pack, which includes the first two chapters of the book for immediate download, the “missing” chapter, seven audio interviews with people featured in the book and a Power Notes PDF which details business lessons extracted from the book. That should tie you over until the book arrives in the mail. The cost of the bonus pack is $1. If you’re going to buy the book, then you should definitely get the bonus pack as well.

Joe will be sending me a few copies of Click Here To Order to give away so if you’re really really cheap, you can try to win it. However, if you don’t want to wait and you need inspiration now, then I recommend you just buy the book. If you win it later, you can use it as a contest prize. 😈

Click Here To Order