Collecting Trackbacks for Fun and Profit

Many bloggers comment on other blogs as a way to generate traffic and links back to their blogs. All you have to do is read some of the comments on John Chow dot Com and you’ll see that’s the case. Commenting on hundreds of blogs can be quite time consuming but many bloggers do it because it works and it’s free. Another way to generate traffic and links is with a trackback. However, not many blogger use the trackback and that’s really too bad because it can be just as effective as leaving a comment but it takes a lot less time, especially if you’re using a program like Trackback Collector to automate the process.

What Is A Trackback?

If you blog about any of my blog posts and link to it, you’ll receive a trackback back to your blog. My trackbacks show up below the last comment. It’s a way for me and my readers to see who’s linking to my articles. The blogs sending the trackbacks receive a link and potential traffic, just like a blog comment.

Here is the trick with trackbacks. You don’t need to actually link to the blog in order to receive a trackback. If you wrote a blog post that is similar to a post on another blog, you can send a trackback to that blog as a way to tell them that you’ve added your opinion to the topic. Many blogs will accept the trackback and add it to their trackbacks/comments. This video explains how this is done.

As you can see, manually looking for and entering trackbacks is almost as time consuming as writing a blog comment. What Trackback Collector does is automate the process of finding blogs to send trackbacks to. Here’s a video showing the software in action.

Trackback Collector can literally collect hundreds of blogs to send trackbacks to. Whether these blogs accept the trackback is another story. When I receive trackback from a blog post that doesn’t link to my blog, I reject it even if the topic is the same. To me, a trackback is a vote of confidence from another blog – he liked my post enough to link to it and send a trackback. For me, no link back equals no trackback. However, there are many blogs that will accept this type of trackbacks. This is a numbers game – you send send out 200 trackback hoping for 100 to stick.

While Trackback Collector isn’t blackhat software, it isn’t white hat either. Depending on the niche you’re in, the software may not even work. I’m pretty sure most make money online blogs would never accept a trackback without a link back. However, if you’re targeting mommy bloggers or something less tech oriented, you might get a good percentage of the trackbacks sticking and that means free links and traffic. The key is to experiment and see what works.

Trackback Collector sells for $97 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can use the software for two months to see if it increases the number of trackbacks to your blog. If it doesn’t work in your niche then you can request a full refund.

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