Comparing Video Sharing Sites

I’ve been using video more and more in my blog posts. I’m not the only one doing this either. Many bloggers are adding videos to better communicate with their readership. While most everyone uploads to YouTube, it may not be the best choice if video quality is one of your main concerns.

To compare the video quality of the various video sharing sites, I uploaded the same video to YouTube, AOL Video, Google Video, Viddler, Vimeo and Yahoo Video. You can see the results below. Well, you can see the results from every site except for Yahoo – they’re still processing as I write this post. YouTube offers two quality settings so I’ve shown both. For reference, I’ve also embedded the original video file.

The video sharing site with the best quality is Vimeo and this is why I’ve been using it. Vimeo is also the only site that allows HD video. The downside to the Vimeo is the 500MB per week upload limit. They’re also very picky about their TOS. Shoemoney had his Shoemoney Tools video removed because it was considered too commercial.

While Vimeo has the best quality, it lacks the viewership of YouTube. The best solution would be to use a video distribution service like Tube Mogul. All I had to do was upload my video to Tube Mogul and it sent it all the video sharing sites on my list.

AOL Video

Google VideoYouTube Normal Quality

YouTube High Quality



Original Video File

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