Complete Business Management with BgBng EMS

Running a business is hard work and it can involve using a lot of different tools. You might have some software used to track your inventory. You might have another software package to deal with your customer support line. And then you might have yet another set of tools to help with your marketing efforts.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have a single comprehensive software package that handled many of these tasks? That’s precisely the kind of idea behind BgBng EMS. The so-called Enterprise Management Solution serves as the subject of today’s review, so let’s dive into what it has to offer.

Manage Everything. Faster

The first thing that hit me about this product is the name. Well, as it turns out, BgBng is really supposed to be pronounced as “Big Bang.” It’s almost like the start of a whole new universe, so to speak.

BgBng is designed to work as a “complete advertiser solution” that integrates a number of different tools into a single application. Here is the screenshot of the main dashboard when you first log into your account. As you can see along the top, you can use BgBng to manage your campaigns, merchants, network, traffic, reports, users, and other tools.

This is a hosted solution, so there’s no need to install anything on your end. You can check out the features page for a more in-depth look, but you can expect BgBng to provide you with fraud protection, CRM, product fulfillment, merchanting, affiliate tracking and more. There’s also a complete API, so you can rework to tool to fit your needs.

Setting Up Your Campaigns

After you’ve added the products that you plan on selling (BgBng supports both digital delivery and physical inventory), you need to set up the campaigns to advertise these products. This is where the domain management of BgBng can come into play.

These affiliate campaigns can support structures like a standard two-page cost-per-action (CPA) offer. Each landing page can have its own domain, allowing you to define the upsell products, the post sale upsell products, the thank you bumps, and so on. Built right into this is the fraud detection system, comparing the zip code, area code, and IP address to make sure the potential customer is legitimate.

In addition to the two page CPA, other domain structures include the one page CPA and the one page CPL. You can have multiple campaigns, domains, subdomains, and so forth.

Fulfilling Your Customer Orders

When a customer does decide to buy one or more of your products, you see this in the order list. This is a completely hosted e-commerce solution and it can take on both physical and digital products.

A digital product can be delivered automatically, but a physical product will generate a shipment request. If you’re using a preferred product shipment house, BgBng can automatically send the order information to them too.

Beyond the sale itself, you can use BgBng to manage your transactions too, including authorizations, capture, declines, voiding, refunds, and chargebacks.

Complete Business in a Box?

The user interface with BgBng can prove a little daunting at first, but this is because it is effectively multiple tools in one. You can manage your own products, set up your landing pages, work with your traffic, fulfill your customer orders, and so on. It will take some time to get used to all the functions.

The product subscription management is robust, as is the merchant integration. You get a lot with this software, but it can be daunting and not immediately user friendly.

BgBng EMS is available in three different packages: $199 standard, $399 professional and $599 enterprise. These are the monthly prices, but you do get the first 30 days free, as well as free setup. If you need fraud protection, you’ll need to get at least the professional edition.