Concierge by CoolHandle Will Save Your Business

Over the years I have heard too many people complain about poor quality from vendors. We will outsource almost anything to save us money, time and energy. However, is our business suffering because of the poor quality? Are we actually losing the ability to make MORE money because we aren’t taking our business to the right place? These are the questions that I have been thinking about lately, which led me on a search to find the ultimate outsourcing location.

Just think about, if we use poor grammar on our landing page how many potential customers do you think we would have lost? 1, 5, 100, 500? Imagine if the error was more than poor grammar, like poor graphic quality, a spotty video, etc. All of this could have a negative effect on your business. Also, who here actually enjoys talking to 5 different vendors for one project/promotion? I know that for me it is a huge hassle to arrange all the various projects I’m working on. It’s almost another job in and of itself. I have to schedule calls in the middle of the night to meet their timezone, I have emails flooding in during dinner and honestly I’m just tired of having my outsourcing become another ball and chain that I tried to break free of like a 9 to 5 job. Isn’t that why we are all Internet entrepreneurs in the first place? So we are not shackled to anyone but our own free will?


Here enters Concierge by CoolHandle. I’m sure you have read a few articles about them already since they seem to be blowing up in various blogs and online hotspots. They offer everything we need to get our projects done on time, in one location with amazing quality. They literally offer all the services we need under one roof – ranging from legal services, copywriting, graphic design, video production, tuned hosting, marketing materials and much more. When I was talking to friends in the business about these services they were skeptical about the price, but honestly we are paying for what we get. If I spent $500 on a video, we all know that video will be poor quality, horrible actors, terrible location and in turn will lose potential profits. By not paying a little extra to make a kickass video, I sabotage myself from gaining the highest number of customers I possibly can!

Howard Newton once said, “People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.”

coolhandle-turbo-serverFor those of you who haven’t heard of CoolHandle, they are at heart a web hosting company. Ryan Morris, the Marketing Director at CoolHandle had this to say about their integration of Concierge into their web hosting company, “CoolHandle has been in business since 2001 and with over a decade of experience working with Affiliates and Internet marketers we saw a need for a single source for all of their service and marketing needs. Over the years, we had the pleasure of offering services to our Affiliates and Internet marketing partners. We found that they were using, at times, over a dozen different vendors for services. Our partners would have constant issues with the vendors trying to coordinate and manage each of them. We saw a need in the market to offer a complete suite of services and thus Concierge by CoolHandle was born.”

If you are interested in receiving top quality work to earn the highest number of customers check out Concierge by CoolHandle: A Premium Tailored Affiliate Service, you can check them out online at or you can call their toll-free customer service line at: (888) 959-7295.