CostumZee – What Are You Wearing This Halloween?

Halloween is just a week away and many people are thinking about what to wear. If you’re among the many who hasn’t decided on a Halloween costume, then CostumZee is here to help. The purpose of CostumZee is to help you find great costume ideas. You’ll find thousands of costumes on their site, organized by tags. Because of Halloween, CostumZee ordered this ReviewMe review to generate some buzz. Not only is CostumZee a great costume site but they’re also a text book case on how to build an affiliate site. More on that later.

What Is CostumeZee


CostumZee lists thousands of costume ideas for Halloween and other Holidays. Members can rate and add costume ideas, join the virtual costume party and show everyone what they’re wearing this Halloween by posting a widget on their website or blog.

CostumZee is kinda like a social networking site for people who wear costumes. If you see a costume you like, you can add the tag to your profile. Once a tag is added, you can select a specific product to show in your profile. If you’ve worn a great costume, you can upload your own costume pictures. There is also a blog and a forum to discuss costume ideas.

As you cruise around CostumZee, you’ll find others who have chosen their own costume ideas. You can tell them what you think of their costumes by adding comments to their profiles. There’s even a Facebook CostumZee app so you can show all your Facebook friends what you’re wearing.

superbabe.jpgCostumZee – The Affiliate Dream Site

The most attractive thing about CostumZee for me is not the idea of sharing costumes. CostumZee is a text book case on an affiliate site done right. While the site looks like a great resource for costume wearers the world over, it is in fact a online money making machine.

All those costumes listed on the front and inside pages link to an online store that sells them. So, if you were to click on Sexy Costume Ideas and then hit up Supergirl, you’ll be taken to the online store that sells the Supergirl costume. If you buy the outfit, CostumZee makes an affiliate commission. Additional income is generated with Google AdSense and AuctionAds. It’s a really good affiliate business model.

Gold Members = Gold for CostumZee

CostumZee has regular members and Gold Members. You become a Gold Member by telling three friends about CostumZee. What does a Gold Member get? Discount coupons to all the online stores CostumZee affiliates with. Right now, there is a note that reads, “This week only, the Gold Member page is available to all visitors!” How much you want to bet that same notice will be up next week? You got to love these guys! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

If you want to get into affiliate marketing then you should study how CostomZee is doing it. They’re a text book example of affiliate marketing done right. If you’re looking for costumes ideas for Halloween, CostomZee is for you as well.

I wonder if a John Chow costume would sell? What are you wearing this Halloween?