Create Instant SEO Friendly Landing Pages with InstantLP


One of the most important elements in affiliate marketing is the landing page. This is the page the reader “lands on” after clicking on a Google ads or link from any other site. A good landing page can mean the difference between making a lot of money online or losing your shirt.

In the past, creating a landing page was a time consuming and expensive affair. Often times, the work needs to be subbed out to a professional designer because the Internet marketer lacked the skills to create them. Even after getting the design, you would need to bring in others to help with the SEO work. InstantLP is designed to change all that.

What Is InstantLP?

InstantLP is a program that allows you to quickly and profitably create landing pages for your affiliate offers. The program was created by Internet marketers for Internet marketers and is extremely easy to use – you can latterly create a new landing page from scratch within minutes of installing the program. Watch the video to see how easy it is to use.

In addition to the speed, InstantLP offers many other benefits, including:

  • Create landing pages and multiple-page websites very quickly using pre-defined style templates (Templates included FREE).
  • Your sites are automatically created with the latest SEO friendly code – This means your website/business will get better rankings and get more traffic.
  • Create affiliate sites and landing pages from any affiliate network simply by dragging and dropping the codes.
  • Have a solution for non-technical marketers to make landing pages in a matter of minutes, without dealing with outsourcing or wasting precious valuable time.
  • Each website you create will automatically have correct structuring and formatting, ensuring a higher Quality Score.

By far the most exciting feature for affiliate marketers is InstantLP’s ability to create a landing page from any affiliate network by simply dragging and dropping the codes. In the screen shot below, you can see codes from the hydra network that’s about to be copy and paste.


Once the codes are copied and pasted, InstantLP creates an instantl landing page.


For the Internet Marketer who doesn’t have the resources to hire design and SEO staff, InstantLP offers a cost effective solution to quickly create money making landing pages and sites. The program creates clean HTML design, has a nice selection of built in templates. The pages it generates are SEO friendly with meta tags included, functional contact form, site maps (human readable and XML), etc. You also have the ability to import HTML codes for YouTube videos, add Aweber opt in form and much more.

Three Bonus Offers and Grand Opening Price

InstantLP launches with a grand opening price of $197 and includes three additional bonuses.

  • Free Access To Instant LP Monthly
  • Free InstantLP Get Started Webinar for the first 100 customers
  • Free Adwords Reinvented course

The program is covered by a full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Try out InstantLP for a month, and if you’re not happy with, you’ll get your money back. Internet marketers looking for a quality tools to create landing pages quickly and cost effectively should take a serious look at InstantLP.

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