Create Professional Business Videos in 48 Hours

No matter what kind of business you are in, whether you are an accountant, an interior decorator or a mobile app developer, it is in your best interest to recognize the growing power of video marketing. Yes, this can be very intimidating, perhaps even more so that launching your company website or managing your company’s social media profiles, but creating professional-looking videos for your business needs to be neither difficult nor expensive.

Designed to teach just about anyone how to create professional marketing videos that really work, 48 Hour Film School provides you with a quick crash course in how you can shoot and edit videos that look like they were put together by a real film crew. In today’s review, we’ll go over some of the highlights of this program and how they can help you.

The Videos Your Business Needs

The foundation of this program, aside from walking you through all the steps you’ll need to take to make your own professional videos, is to teach students how to create the five essential videos that every business needs.


The course is meant to be comprehensive, taking you from start to finish on how to create these five key videos. You’ll also learn how to connect these videos to your business and how you can utilize them to maximize your growth and revenue moving forward. When you confirm your email address, you gain access to complimentary four-part video training.

Jumping into Boot Camp

The members area for the 48 Hour Film School is roughly broken down into six key sections, but you’ll want to get started from the main dashboard.


It’s here that you’ll find the initial introductory video, as well as access the rest of the free video training series. There is a training section, where you can sift through the videos too, but these are all accessible from the dashboard as well. You’ll also find additional bonuses and resources to help you with your video creation.


Under the resources section, you’ll find links to where you can find royalty free music for your YouTube videos, for instance, as well as some supplementary e-books for added guidance. Part of how 48 Hour Film School makes it money is through affiliate links too. Many of the recommended products, like the lighting studio and wired mic, are listed here, directing you to their corresponding Amazon purchase pages.

Your Professional Video Training

But that’s all on the side. The main focus here is the training for you to create your own business videos and this training is, appropriately enough, provided you as a series of professional-looking videos.


It’s called the 48 Hour Film School, because you get a real solid start with the first two days of videos. On day one, you’ll be introduced to the first video that your business needs: the story-selling video. This is the video that, as you can imagine, is used to tell the story of your business and how it addresses the real needs and problems of your target customers. You’ll also learn about the gear that you’ll need and you should go about scripting your first video.

All said, these first three components add up to about 45 minutes of video content. You may find yourself pausing now and then to take some notes. The videos are professionally produced, look polished, and are easily understood in their approach. You can then go through the day two components; there are eight videos in all, including how to record your videos, set up your music, export your production and so on. That’s about another 100 minutes of video instruction.

Free to Get Started

The first two days of this video training course should provide you with a solid foundation in how you can create your own professional-looking videos for your own business. You can sign up for free and give it a try for yourself. Should you like what you see, there is an opportunity to dig into more material, consisting of six-weeks of training that will walk you through the rest of the five videos that every business should have and how you can create your own.

There is a definite learning curve here and you will have to put in some effort to soak it all in, but from what I’ve seen so far, 48 Hour Film School is a great way for you to learn how to take your small business to the next level with some great-looking videos.

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