Crowdsource Your Company Logo with Cullogo

Whether you’re looking to make money blogging or you want to start up a new company, it’s important to invest in your branding. More specifically, we can all recognize the power of having a strong and recognizable logo. Unfortunately, hiring a professional ad agency can be out of the budget for most aspiring dot com moguls.

Thanks to the Internet, you can harness the power of crowdsourcing for a more affordable solution. For instance, you can point your browsers over to Cullogo. Why have just one designer coming up with ideas when you have a whole community at your disposal? Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at what Cullogo has to offer and how it differentiates itself from its competitors.

The Big Deal with Cullogo Logo Design

Now, I can’t ascertain for sure how Faisal Anwar came up with the name for his website, but I’m guessing that Cullogo is supposed to be pronounced like “Cool Logo.” That is what you want, right?

Crowd-Source Your Company Logo with Cullogo?

For the time being, Cullogo is only offering two options. You can run a logo creation contest or you can launch a contest to get a new business card design. In the future, Faisal hopes to expand into website design, Twitter profile pages, and other similar possibilities.

In short, you run these design contests, take a look at the submissions from the Cullogo user community, and then you choose the winner who can then receive your prize money. The minimum prize is $100, which is said to be lower than some other websites.

Write a Brief, Launch a Contest

After you register for an account, you can launch as many contests as you like. You can use this same account when you wear your “designer” cap to submit your creations for the contests of other users.

Crowd-Source Your Company Logo with Cullogo?

For each design contest, like the one to create the new Cullogo logo, you fill out the form for the design brief. This design brief outlines any information you want to relay to designers, the name of your brand, a little about your company, the target audience, and any other requirements you may have.

How Much Does It Cost Again?

As mentioned above, the minimum prize that you have to offer with any of your design competitions is $100. Normally, there is a $25 listing fee, as well as a 10% prize handling fee. However, to celebrate the launch of Cullogo, the listing fee is being waived for the first five advertisers who launch a contest on Cullogo. You’re still on the hook for the prize handling fee though.

Crowd-Source Your Company Logo with Cullogo?

To give your contest a little more promotion and exposure on Cullogo, you can select some optional upgrades too. Having your contest listing show in bold costs $8, a “highlighted” listing costs $6, and a red flashing light next to your listing costs $10.

Here Come the Grammar Police

If John Chow is any indication, you don’t need to have perfect grammar to be a successful entrepreneur. At the same time, it is important to have good grammar if only for the sake of respect, especially if you’re not already a well-known name.

Crowd-Source Your Company Logo with Cullogo?

Cullogo seems to suffer in this respect, because the site is riddled with grammatical errors on nearly every page.

This takes away from its professional feel and makes it seem like a very amateur-ish attempt. From the Launch a Contest page, I’m left wondering how “Receive couples of options from designes” managed to make it to the live site.

Get a New Logo on the Cheap?

By and large, Cullogo looks like it can offer a perfectly valuable service. Instead of paying thousands of companies to an overpriced agency, you can harness the power of the masses to get a new logo for your company.

Does Cullogo really do much to separate itself from other larger communities that seemingly do the same thing? Yes and no. The $100 starting price is affordable, but the $25 listing fee and 10% prize handling fee start to sound like the nickel and dime fees that cell phone providers charge. At least the listing fee is waived for the first five contests.

The real value of Cullogo won’t be revealed until we see the kinds of designs that its community can produce. Until then, and until Faisal fixes some of his grammar issues, I’ll reserve judgment.