Designers Contest Review

Designers Contest is a new contest site for designers looking to win money by competing against other designers to see who can come up with the best designs and they’ve order this review to generate some buzz. At first, the site looks like some of the other design contest sites out there. However, upon closer inspection, we see that Designers Contest has some nice bonus features and even allows non-designers to make money from it as well.

The idea behind Designers Contest is to allow Internet marketers and bloggers to get the best designs possible by making a pool of designers compete for your prize money. Unlike LogoMyWay, which does mostly logos, Designers Contest designers will design pretty much anything that has to do with media. Lunching a contest is a five step process beginning with the design type. The minimum prize is $150 but the more you offer, the more entries you will get. The fee to start a new contest is $29.


Designers Can Win Cash Even If They Lose

One of the main things that sets Designers Contest apart from other contest sites is their Designers Pool. The Designers Pool allows you to earn money, even when you haven’t won a contest.

We know there are some great designs that get submitted, that almost win. No fault of the design. When it comes down to 2 very good designs, it can go either way, and depends on the taste of the contest holder. But we still want to reward you for your efforts.

So for every contest that is successfully created, we’ll add $2 USD to the Pool. Every month, we’ll award that money to a quality design that we think deserved some recognition, even though it didn’t win. The winning design and the designer will be featured on our blog.

There is no limit to how big the pool can get and there is no limit to the amount of times you can win the pool. The more quality designs you submit in a given month, the greater your chances of winning.

This is one of the ways we want to say thank you to the designers that make this site possible.

Designers Contest Affiliate Program

Refer a customer to Designers Contest and you can earn $10 for every contest the customer creates. The affiliate program is two-tier. You’ll get $2 for every contest referred by the affiliate that you signed up. If you’re not a designer, you can make money with Designers Contest by referring customers to them.

Overall, I like Designers Contest growth strategy. The affiliate program will help bring in more customers and the Designers Pool will lure more designers to their site since it’s possible to win money even if a design didn’t win a contest.

The only gripe I have with Designers Contest has to do with their site logo and blog design – it’s kinda plain. Maybe they should start a design contest to spice it up.

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