DirectCPV Review and Case Study

I have seen DirectCPV advertising on this blog for awhile, and decided I would try them out. Overall I oversee thousands of dollars per month spent on CPV through my accounts and those I manage, but really Media Traffic is the primary company used as they seem to be the most stable and well priced.

I decided to give DirectCPV a run for their money, so I dropped $100 into my campaign (their minimum deposit), and forgot to enter my $30 coupon code (JCH30) to give my total $130. This was stupid on my part so I kindly sent them a support request asking if they could add the coupon to my account, and instead they added an extra $20, bringing my total to $150 for the case study.

I created a campaign promoting a free dating on facebook application, and since there are so many people who use Facebook, I decided to do the case study with DirectCPV’s Run of Network (RON), which is basically untargeted and super cheap ($0.004 per view).

In only a few hours, the campaign was capped and I had received 37,269 unique views to my landing page. While DirectCPV has a much smaller overall user-base than its adware competitors, 40,000 impressions is a very small percentage of their network so they are able to send it very quickly, and their low total amount of users wouldn’t affect me.

While we pay about the same price using Media Traffic, we get a little bit more targeting (rather than anyone from anywhere), so the numbers converted quite a bit less than I am use to with Media Traffic. However we had to talk with everyone at Media Traffic to get such a deal, and if anyone planned on using DirectCPV on a daily basis spending hundreds of dollars, I certainly would talk to them as well to increase your rates which I am sure something could be arranged.


  • Very cost effective advertising
    Starting at only $0.004 per view for CPV traffic is as low priced as it gets off the bat, so that works out well.
  • No delays
    With most CPV networks, any changes you make to your campaign takes 15+ minutes to execute on their servers, and if you are bidding on sites like facebook, that means a one second typo takes 15 minutes to fix and can run you up hundreds of dollars. With DirectCPV, their system seems closer to real time so that error can easily be fixed.
  • Easy to sign up, fast approval
    Their staff got back to my email fairly quickly, and my campaign was approved in a timely manner. When it comes to affiliates using CPV systems, waiting 12-24 hours for approval can be life and death of a timely campaign.
  • Great support
    They responded to my email and credited my account when I asked them to, and in a timely manner. I am definitely a fan of that in a network. 🙂
  • Powerful referral system
    They offer a 5% referral on all qualified advertisers (they have to spend over $125, which excludes all the people who do $100 minimum bid tests like me, bummer! =P). They also offer a $20 signup bonus for these advertisers, as well as entering you into a contest with multiple tiers, and a chance to win a BMW! You will need 100+ people spending $125+ to reach this tier however.


  • Small Network
    For a CPV network, DirectCPV does not have the demographics that some of the oldest networks have, however their network is still large enough to not have a problem if you are a small to moderate sized advertiser, only the people spending a fortune every day will have a problem with capping.
  • Site Navigation
    The site has everything you need in one bar, however the system just isn’t as fluent as many other CPV networks I am use to, which to me is a con.


Overall I am very satisfied with this network. It is very cost effective and the pros definitely can outweigh the cons depending on what your goals are with advertising. There are definitely strong alternatives to DirectCPV, but like anything, if you do split testing you can definitely make this network work for almost any industry online.

If I had tested with a larger budget, and worked directly with an affiliate manager to get the best targeting for the cheapest deals, I believe this network could very easily be on par or better conversions than Media Traffic and the other big networks. Split testing everything takes time and money, and this case study could have certainly been optimized better if I ran it longer with more direct stats.

If I were to start over with DirectCPV, I would certainly not use Run of Network traffic and would instead start targeting it a little bit more. When it comes to targeting, a little bit can go a long way when it comes to conversions, so my conversion numbers could have been a lot better even if I am spending more per click. Otherwise I would have tried to get my minimum bid down for RON, or even see if I could get them to do country targeting for RON prices like I have done with other CPV networks. (Hint: They need your business as much as you need theirs, work with them so you both make money!).

If you plan on using DirectCPV to promote affiliate offers, then their $0.01/view URL targeting would probably be the best bet unless the offer is international and accepts conversions from many countries.

I realize $150 is a small budget to write a case study on, but I wanted to share my thoughts for those users on the edge and I hope some of you can take this post as some food for thought when it comes to trying out new affiliate networks. If anyone has anything other thoughts about their experiences with DirectCPV, feel free to post them in the comments below.

My name is Collin LaHay and this case study and guest post was written by me. I am currently rebranding my blog’s domain to my new flagship site called Uber Link Building where I share link building strategies that can help you raise your ranks in the search engines and ultimately make more money online.