Dot Com Pho – I Don’t Know Which One To Choose Edition

This week’s Dot Com Pho was filled with choices. Lots and lots of choices. Over 100 comments were posted to my Win a Gold Pass to the Affiliate Summit East in New York contest and that meant most of Dot Com Pho was consumed trying to decide which ten lucky readers would get the $595 pass to the biggest affiliate show in the world.

While we were debating, we did get a chance to flirt with our lovely Pho Thanh Vi server and even got some great news about Travis retiring from the 9 to 5 world and joining the Internet Marketing world. I like to be the first to offer a huge congratulation to Travis for achieving the dream.

Dot Com Pho Vancouver – Xperia Play Edition

Over in Vancouver, the crew bring up a very touchy subject. They also highlight the PlayStation Phone from Sony: the Xperia Play.