Dot Com Pho Orlando

IZEA Fest 2008 maybe over but Dot Com Pho happens every week and since we’re still in Orlando, it made sense to hold the first Dot Com Pho Orlando. Not only was this the first Dot Com Pho in Orlando, it was the first time three of the attendees have ever tried Pho.

We held the event at the Orlando Pho Hoa restaurant. Pho Hoa is a Pho franchise from Toronto. They have Pho locations all over the world. Pho Hoa may not be the best Pho in the business, but they are good and they are consistent. They also sell bubble tea, which is another first for most of the attendees.

For this edition of Dot Com Pho, we have white guys trying to use chopsticks, hot pepper eating, sucking balls through a straw and what has to be the coolest gadget of the week to date. Enjoy!