Dot Com Pho – Return To LAN Edition

After a long layoff, Dot Com Pho returns to the place where it all started. Dot Com Pho started at Pho Lan and for this edition, we returned to the little Pho shop on Number 3 Road and Granville to shoot our latest episode. In attendance were myself and Sarah, Wolf, Ed Lau, Ray, Greg Morgan, Gary Ng and Stephen Fung, who showed up late.

A new feature of this week’s Dot Com Pho is the Twitter Shoutout. If you were following me on Twitter, you would have saw a twit asking for your name and blog to be included in the video. Those who replied to the twit in time will see their sites featured in the video. That’s one more reason to follow me on Twitter.

In addition to the Twitter Shoutouts, this week’s Dot Com Pho features blogging for food, Pho menu #21, lots of iPhones, Dot Com Pho pens, the tip of the week and how I got a free Macbook Air. Enjoy!