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A while back, my friend Matt Lloyd published an eBook call the IM Revolution, which details the business model he uses to power his Internet marketing business. I first met Matt at the ThinkTank mastermind in San Diego. Matt flew all the way from Australia to join me on the beach at Del Mar. His story is extremely interesting and inspirational.

Matt went from a moving lawns and college drop-out, to making his first million online by age 25. Along the way, he developed a revolutionary new Internet marketing business model, that took him from making a measly $700 in July 2011 to $314,900.29 in November 2012! Below is a screenshot of his actual monthly revenue from July 2011 to November 2012.


While Matt is clearing over $300,000 per month with his Internet Marketing Revolution, he says anyone can use the model to add an extra $10,000 a month to their bottom line. His IM Revolution Handbook will teach you how to do it. Best of all, you can now get the handbook for free!

IMRevolutionGet The IM Revolution Handbook for FREE!

The IM Revolution Handbook reveals the “nuts and bolts” of Matt’s proven business model – how it works, how it converts your leads into sales, and how you get paid for being a part of it. The information in the manual has taken Matt years and over $150,000 to produce. It contains many of the most closely-guarded secrets of the Top Internet marketers. The information could easily be used to build a million-dollar business online.

Matt originally charged money for the IM Revolution Handbook, but for a limited time, he’s giving it away for free!

I made $3,628.40 in the first three days after downloading the IM Revolution Handbook, and has since used the business model to make over $70,000 in less than four months. Go grab your copy of the IM Revolution Handbook and find out how it’s done!

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