Driving with John Chow – Episode 9 Laying The Foundation

On this episode of Driving with John Chow, I show you how to lay down a proper foundation to build your blog on. Without a good foundation, your blog won’t stay up for long. Most new bloggers want to get right into the blogging and making money part. They don’t want to laid down the groundwork that will allow their blog to grow into something that can become bigger than themselves.

For the longest time, downtown Vancouver had a big hole in the ground at Georgia and Alberni Street. The hole was the site of the Living Shangri-La building. The Living Shangri-La is the tallest building in Vancouver. Construction on the building started in 2004 and for the first three years, the site was nothing but a hole in the ground because the workers were laying in the foundation. Once the foundation was completed, the 61-story tower went up in just over a year.


Today, people walking by the Shanhai-La see a beautiful building in front of them (the penthouse is for sale). They don’t see the years of work it took to lay in the foundation that made the building possible. The same thing applies to your blog. People see this blog and its huge readership, but they don’t see the work it took to get it to this level. Without a solid foundation, a building will not stand. Unless you build your blog on a solid foundation, its chances of joining the A-list rank are next to zero. Watch the video to find out the keys to building a solid foundation.

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